Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Girls Hanging Out

The sleepover turned out to be a success. The girls were up and at 'em by 8AM this morning, ready to go. It didn't take long before they had their bathing suites on and begging me to let them go outside and play on the slip 'n slide. They were disappointed little divas when I shot them down. It was too early and only 79 degrees outside at 10AM. I wanted it to warm up a little more, so they won't be so cold from tap water. They made the best of it. They played dress-up, did a little role playing, watched a movie and when they heard my 80's music playing in the Living Room, here they came. They danced around the Living Room, while I did a little house cleaning. After lunch, they finally got to go outside to play. Those two little girls have had a blast all day. Here are a few shots of Katie and her friend, S.

Notice Katie is wearing her swimsuit from last year.  I just bought her two new swimming suits and she's wearing last years.  Go figure.  LOL!  S forgot her swimsuit, so she's wearing Katie's other swimsuit from last year. 

The news at noon said that the heat index was 99 degrees already. Ugh! What happened to Spring?  Shew! The meterologist reported how the gulf is warming up to 80 degrees, perfect for hurricane season.  I'm hoping we don't have a bad hurricane season.  Meanwhile, pass me another ice pop. 



Malorie said...

This is exactly what we did this morning before it got too hot. We love our slip n' slide!

I HATE summer til in Alabama. Me and the heat doesn't get along!

Laura said...

I loved the pics of Colton and his sagging swim diaper!! Cracked me up!!