Thursday, June 23, 2011

My New Project

We've been so busy going to Vacation Bible School. The theme this year is Panda Mania "God is wild about us" (something like that). I think it's been the best one thus far. I've got to take my camera to church tomorrow and take pictures. They've got it decorated so cute with live bamboo, lotus flowers in the fountain inside the atrium and of course the character pandas all over the place. Our little neighbor girls have been going with us every day. I'm so proud of M, she's 9 years old and she received Jesus as her personal Savior today. YAY! She didn't tell me until we were all in the truck and heading out of the parking lot. Normally, I don't pay much attention to what the girls are saying in the back seat, but this time I hear her. "I got saved today," very non-challantly. What? I pulled over before getting out into the traffic, turned around and asked her what she said. She said it again and I began congratulating her, patting her on the leg, and telling her how happy I was for her. M is a beautiful and sweet little girl. I'm so thankful that God has come into her life and hopefully great things will become of it. The sad part of it is, M told me later that when she told her mom, she didn't say anything. She said that she just looked at her. I gave M a big ol' hug and told her that I was proud of her decision. M has two older siblings that I got to meet this afternoon. I hope God will do His work through M. We will see.

Tomorrow night, the grand finale to this year's VBS, there is supposed to be all sorts of inflatables in the church parking lot. The festivities begin at 6PM. Poor Katie continues to believe that they mean 6AM instead of 6PM. She reminded me for the hundredth time today that she has to get up really early, in order to get to church at 6 o'clock in the morning. Ugh!

Today, I began painting Katie's room. She was so estatic to finally getting her pink room. She is funny. This afternoon, all I heard from her was "oh my gosh, mom. My room is so beautiful." HAHA! She is pretty dramatic. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Doug, Millard and Peggy. The men helped me move furniture around, while Peggy watched the kids for me. Shew! I have two walls completed and I've got two walls to go. I plan to start as soon as I drop Katie and the girls off at church in the morning. I hope to get it finished. Don't worry, I took pictures. LOL! I nearly forgot to take before pictures. I still have a couple of shelves to put up and then Katie can finally start unloading all of her stuff. It's amazing what one person can accumulate in such a short lifetime.



The Keyes Family said...

mirya I meant to tell you that i shouldn't of left any comments about that neighbor girl showing up to play with katie because you would not believe that we are now in the same boat. Except we have two! Yes two girls moved in next door and they are seriously coming over like everyday to try and play with emma. They show up unannounced in their bathing suits wanting to swim. I just keep thinking.. really what kind of parents moved in next door. I met the mom all of 5 minutes and she seemed fine but who sends their kids to anyones house without asking. geeeezzzzz. I've turned them away twice now. The other day they rang the door bell for 30 minutes while allan was sleeping during the day cause he had to work that night. They woke him up from it, cause we weren't here to answer it. He said he tried to sleep thru it and then finally wondered what in the world was going on when it hadn't stopped after 30 minutes.. it's a tough spot to be in. boooooo...

Laura said...

I am thrilled to hear about M and her decision to ask Jesus in her heart. I guess there is a reason you have become the favorite neighborhood mom this summer!

Have fun painting Katie's room!