Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Road Rage

My son suffers from severe road rage and he's only 2 years old. I've noticed his rage for a couple of months now. Today's rage helped me to remember that I haven't posted this story yet.

At this time, when I'm stopped at either a traffic light or sign, Colton will point and holler "go, momma, go!" If I'm waiting to pull out into traffic, he begins yelling at me "go, momma, go!" If I do not follow his command, he will scream and holler so bad that he will eventually begin crying. Yeah. Heaven help the car in front of us because Colton will tell the car or truck in front of us (on the road) to move. Today the rage was very bad because I made the mistake of telling him that he will be seeing his paw-paw today. Yeah. For some reason, he believes that as soon as I tell him that we will be seeing someone, he thinks we'll see them like NOW. He was pretty disappointed when we turned off the road that leads to his paw-paw's house. In fact, he had a nice BIG melt down.


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Laura said...

Ha ha! Hilarious!! Sounds like a future NASCAR driver to me!! Move over Jeff Gordon!!