Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet Tea Month?

I was just checking out my follow bloggers and Sweet Tea in Tennessee made me aware that it's "National Sweet Tea Month".  YAY! I'm so glad that there's a month set aside for my favorite beverage, SWEET TEA. Sure, you can look on the dark side of drinking tea. It stains your teeth (yuck) and fills your body full of caffeine and sugar, but I like to look on the bright side. It is the most refreshing drink after a hot Southern day during the Summer months, good ol' cold cold iced sweet tea. Or you could be like me and have it year 'round. Besides, you can always bleach your teeth with Crest Whitening and you could make caffeine and sugar free tea instead of the real stuff, but I sure do like the real stuff. ;) 

How Are You Spending Your Summer, So Far?
The month of June has turned out to be a scorcher here with temps in the mid to upper 90s and humdity 90% +.  We started our Summer vacation out by spending time around water.  June had us over yesterday to swim, but it was like swimming around in bath water.  The water temperature registered at 90 degrees.  June couldn't believe it. 

I was so proud of Katie, she hasn't taken this year's swimming lesson yet and she remembers quite a bit from last year.  She made sure that we watched her swim UNDERWATER. I think she stayed underwater more than above.  HAHA!  I did the same thing at her age.  I loved going underwater.  My mom would always swear that I had to be part fish.  What can I say?  Like mother, like daughter.  I tried to teach Katie how to swim on her back.  I prefer the breast stroke to the over the shoulder because I don't wear goggles and the water gets in my eyes.  Katie tried swimming on her back, but she immediately let me know that she wasn't ready for it yet.  Colton did well in the water.  He learned to throw his pool toys in the water and (with my help) jump in the water to retrieve them.  When I had him swim, I would tell him "kick, kick, kick."  Before I knew it, he would say "kick, kick, kick" as he was kicking his feet to swim.  RA, our swim instructor, would be so proud.  HAHA! 

We've been eating lots of ice pops and ice cream.  I knew it was a great idea to purchase a Bearcat card last Fall. LOL!  With my card, I can buy one Blizzard from Dairy Queen and get one FREE.  YAY! Of course, Katie hasn't found the taste for Blizzards yet.  She always orders chocolate ice cream in a cup with sprinkles.  HAHA!  It's her favorite. I have to say, it tastes pretty good as well.  I think today, I'm going to go pick up a container of ice cream.  I think my wallet will appreciate it.  LOL! 

When it's time to come inside for a bit, Katie's been either watching television or Netflix I should say or sharpening up her dance skills by playing Wii Just Dance.  LOL!  She hates it when I play with her because I beat her.  HAHA! She is such a sore loser.  She reminds me of my sister, Susan.  She can't stand to lose, even to this day and she's 40 something.  LOL! 

Help Wanted!
Our little neighbor girl has been coming over neither every day.  This could be a good thing or bad, it depends on how you look at it.  HAHA!  I never get to visit with the momma.  My family has been teasing me saying that I've been the Summer babysitter for the neighbor lady.  Now that I look at it, I think their right.  I thought maybe the momma just dropped off her kid because she didn't have my phone number to get a playdate together, so one of the days that I drove S back home, I gave her my number.  Nah!  That didn't work either.  Yesterday, as we were getting ready to go to June's house, here S came through the door and ready to play.  When I heard S's voice, I announced to her and Katie that we were leaving to go to June's.  It didn't phase S, she just waited around with Katie until I could drive her back home.  Believe it or not, as I'm typing - S has arrived for the day.  YAY!!  My dad told me last night that I had better be careful because this chick could easily sue me if S gets hurt by accident because we have a trampoline.  We have a net around it, so I didn't think about S getting hurt.  I need your help.  I like the little girl, she's just as sweet as can be and I don't think she's had much positive influence in her life.  I fear the family life is unstable.  She tells me all sorts of stories about her family life.  It sounds like a soap opera.  At first, I thought maybe she was making it up, but I'm beginning to think it might be true.  I met the so called "dad," originally from England.  Yeah, he left to go back home, England, to be with his wife.  ?  S told me that her mom is looking for another husband because the other one lied to her.  Yeah, welcome to my world.  DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA.  That's why I need your help.  According to the mom, their moving back up North next month.  Do you think I should just keep doing what I've been doing with S?  Should I cut all ties and if so HOW?  I would like to have a little tack and class about it.  My mom told me to just tell her to go home when she shows up at my door step.  What would be the best Christian way to go about this?  S has seen how we are like as a family and I think that's why she likes us so well because she never says that she wants to go home.  If you remember, she stayed with us the last day of school.  Ugh!   I just don't want to be sued, if she gets a scratch.  Meanwhile, I'll think of things we can do away from home.  ;)  Thanks for letting me share. 

I think we may go visit somebody.  :)  Meanwhile, y'all have a great day and stay COOL. 


Laura said...

Your dad is right about being sued over the trampoline part. I just think if you don't want her over you should just tell her that Katie can't play today. It does seem that the mother is taking advantage of you. So the little girl walks to your house and then you drive her home? That ain't right!

The Mason Bunch said...

I hope no one gets me wrong. I love having children here to play. The only thing is I was raised where you called someone first and asked if you could come visit before you just show up out of the blue unannounced. I don't want to seem ugly by telling you no and go away. Ugh! Plus with my child, jumping up for joy to see that someone's here to play with her. Katie a very social child. It puts me in a very tough spot.

I wanted to get to know S's mother, but it's clear that she doesn't want to get to know me. All she wants is for her daughter to stay with us for as long as we will allow her. They live 3 houses down our street. The mother walks the child down to our house, turns and walks home for the day. I've seen her. No phone call, nothing. It's not the little girl's fault, this women just wasn't brought up the same way I was.

Part 2 - I had to send S home, this time we watched her walk home. I absolutely hated it. Y'all it's hot outside. Normally, I would have drove her home, but I feel like I've been catering too much. (killing me) I had to send her home because supposedly Colton ripped S's little purse. You just don't know. S brings an arm load of stuff to our house and she makes Katie and I carry it back to her house. After the 3rd day of this, I asked her if she owned a tote bag? I put all of her stuff in 2 plastic bags for her to carry back home because I got tired of holding her smoke absorded possessions. It's so bad that it began stinking Katie's room. I streaped Katie's bed, opened the bedroom windows, washed Katie's bedding and put all of the S's possessions in plastic bags and set them in the Living Room for her to pick up on her way out. Ugh! Can you tell it's beginning to get next to me?

I absolutely hated that Colton reaped her purse. I told her that I could sew it back, but the zipper would have to be replaced. I finally told her, in order to avoid this again, she will have to leave her stuff at home. No more things allowed in this house. Maybe it made her mad enough to stay home. I doubt it! Oh, and thank you Doug. He told her, as she's walking out the door, "come back again." What? I'm trying to avoid a lawsuit and he invites her back. Ugh! I think I need some chocolate. Thanks for the ear.

Allison said...

I think I would tell S's mom that you have a lot of activities planned for this summer and it would be great if she could just call you before S comes over to make sure that there's not another friend of Katie's coming over or see if there's something else you are busy doing. I agree that its a bit rude of her Mom to always think its okay for S to go over to your house. You are not the entertainment capitol of Cullman! You are so sweet though to indulge this, I think I would have said something long ago. And your Dad is 100% right on the lawsuit thing, I hate to say that or think that of anyone, but even if they didn't sue, they might tie you to medical bills if there was an injury. I hope it all works out...give me a call and maybe we can get our girls together to play one day this week???

your friends the keyes said...

oh I'm so sorry i'm laughing and smiling over here. That is the saddest sweetes little story. I feel for you. We had neighbor kids in casper that just kept coming and asking if there were any jobs they could do to earn money. I hired them once to pull weeds for some change and that was the start to them forever coming over. These were girls like 10 years old i'm guessing. Anyway i had to end up telling them not to come over cause they started abusing my kindness and just coming right in the house without even knocking. I was worried about the same kind of things and also that they would come in when allan was home alone or something.. you just never know with kids these days. Their homelife was a soap pera also. Just have class and do what you do I"m sure it will work out. I'd tell her that she needs to have her mother call you before she comes each time, you can explain why even. That's not rude it's just being a good parent. ;-)
So what if they get offended, they stop coming over and that jsut solves the problem anyway. Be brave. ;-)