Monday, June 6, 2011

No More Babies

Y'all today was so sad for me.  As you may know, my two year old has been straddling the crib side rail.  This was warning to me, it's about time for the toddler bed.  You also know, we've decided that when we bring home the toddler bed, we would be moving the children around.  We have to do this because of our old desktop computer, currently in Colton's room.  We would move Katie into Colton's room and Colton into hers.  Katie has been psyched because I've promised to paint and re-decorate her room.  I'm probably repeating myself because I've already wrote about these plans HERE, in this post.

This afternoon, Katie asked me again "when will I get to move into my new room?"  Beings, I've already bought a few items to get us started on her new room, I've pretty much been waiting for other gears to turn.  So, I told her to ask her daddy.  Doug and I were talking about it when I got a call from Whitney.  She was wondering, if her and Zayne could come by tomorrow or the next to pick up the baby bed.  (Their ears must have been burning).  I had told her about Colton being ready for a toddler bed and how we were going to paint Katie's room.  She just wanted to get it out of our way and kind of get a feel as to what they will be doing for their new baby's room.  After I told Doug that they would be coming by tomorrow, I called up his parents to see if we could come by to pick up Colton's new bed.  Wow!  Neither one of us realized that we would be changing out beds, bedrooms and taking down Colton's baby bed.  All in one night just a couple hours before bedtime.  We were so busy working and cleaning that it didn't hit us until time to go to bed that we have no more babies.  In fact, the next time we have a baby bed in our home will be for our grandchildren.  Some day, Lord willing.  Lots of emotions going on right now.  I'm sad that our babies are growing up, but happy to witness the amazing people that God has planned for them to develop into.  I catch myself just watching them because they are my entertainment.  They make me laugh and I'm very happy.  My life seems complete. 

I'm thankful to have gone on ahead and picked up Colton's toddler bed set.  Shew!  I know he would have been just fine with a fitted sheet, but he LOVES his new bedding.  I think it's his manly instict to automatically like cars and sports.  We haven't pushed anything on him, but when he first saw the movie "Cars," he absolutely fell in love with the characters.  Now, when we see any of the "Cars" characters, his eyes light up and announces to the whole world "CARS!"  LOL!  It's funny.  Tonight, he was so excited to climb into his new cars bed and wear his new Cars PJs. 
Colton ready to go to sleep in his new bed.

We have yet to paint and decorate Katie's new room, but she seems to be excited and comfortable with the change.  Honestly, I don't see how she sleeps with all that in her bed.  In fact, before she went to sleep, I had her put the Zoobles and backpack in the floor.  Ugh!  Bless her!
I know it will take some time for both children to get acquainted with their new bedrooms.  I'm glad we decided to do this during the Summer months and not in the middle of school months.  Ugh!  That would be a nightmare.  Lets put aside that I had to rock Colton until he was fast asleep, in order to carefully place him in his bed tonight.  I sent Katie to bed several times, before finally threatening to whip her if she got out of bed again.  I did leave her lamp on by her bed, I figured she couldn't sleep because she was technically in a strange place.  By 10:30 P.M., Colton wakes up, comes down the hall crying, wanting me to rock him again.  No thank you.   So I try to put him back in bed a few more times and when I decide this isn't going to work, I gave him a glass of ice water to drink and send him back to bed.  Nope, nothing.  Here we go.  I put him back in bed, sit down beside him in the bed and calm him down.  Finally.  Now, I remember why I hate transition time with toddlers.  I have to sit by Colton until he is fast asleep before I can make my big break for it.  As I easily stand, my stupid knees and ankles begin to pop.  UGH!  My body is falling apart.  Of course, he wakes up and notices me about to escape.  He will not have it and begins to be uneasy.  This time, I squat in the floor next to his bed and calm him down.  His poor little eyelids kept batting, up and down.  They want to stay open so bad, but the weights are weighing him down to where he can't take it anymore.  Just when I think it's safe, those little boogers (eyes) pop right back open to make sure that I'm still there, right by his bed, safe and sound.  It took until midnight before I could make my big escape.  I'm hoping he will sleep soundly the rest of the night. 

I wanted to thank you for all the great advice and support you gave me yesterday.  I probably sounded like a crazy person, I think I was stressing, but trying to stay calm.  Didn't work!  HELL-O.  Every day that S has been over here, I can't seem to get the things I need done, done.  Colton will not take his usual nap and if he does, as soon as she arrives, it's like a circus.  Waking the baby up.  I've tried sending them outside, but their kids.  They'll go in and out of the house needing or wanted my undivided attention.  If they stay in Katie's room with the door closed, they may have to chase each other down the hall every now and then.  Of course, yelling.  Katie knows the rules of the house, but when she has company, like all kids, rules go out the window.  When Colton is awake, he thinks he's big too and he wants to be right there.  Of course, this causes problems as well.  He is all the time getting into trouble or gets hurt. 

Bottomline, I would feel at ease if we could just have playdates for a few hours (children and moms) maybe once or twice a week.  S called around noon today, wanting to come over.  Hey, at least she called this time.  I was confused because the caller ID read "Pennsylvania." The mother told me, they were from Michigan.  What are they doing with Pennsylvania phones?  I'm sure it's just another piece to the puzzle.  Pleased that S is finally calling before coming over, I hated to shoot her down by telling her no.  My goodness, she was over here yesterday and every day before that day.  When I told her that it wasn't the best time, she asked me the famous "why?"  I had to give her the "because it's just not a good time to play today."  I had to give the kids their bathtime and a little clothes washing.  Doug, nor I felt like watching them outside.  Make sure no one get hurt.  Then we got all involved moving, cleaning, taking down and putting up.  Tomorrow isn't going to look too good either with Whitney and Zayne coming over.  I've got class day set up for this week and she has gymnastics later.  Katie and I need to make time to get our paint for her room.  She's wanting to hurry up and put the rest of  her things in her new room, but we told her to hold off until I can paint.  Maybe Tuesday would be better for S and Katie to play.   

Thanks again and have an awesome day!

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