Monday, June 13, 2011

Pen Pals and Gymnastic week

Wow, great minds think a like. In order to keep Katie exercising her writing skills, I've had her write to a pen pal. She wrote one letter (1 page) to her cousin, Alise. The page didn't say much other than she liked gymnastics and she missed Alise. I thought it was a good start, but guess who else is suggesting pen pals? None other than one of my favorite blogs that I love to follow: Eighteen25. They've got a cute Pen Pal Kit suggested on their post.  I've got to get Katie motivated to want to write a little more in her stories and letters.  Today, she had to write a story on "why she likes to dress like a pirate?"  She gave me no more than "she wore a pink pirate costume and it was beautiful."  After reading this, I asked her if there was anything else that she could give me.  (whine and complain).  Have I told you lately that she'll be 6 years old in about a month?  Of course, you know this is written with sarcasm in mind. 

Latest Studies
This week of studies is themed "Pirate".  To end Pirate Week, I plan on throwing a small get together for our friends Allison and A.  They will be moving away soon and we wanted to throw them one last party before they leave us.  :(  I'm having a hard time keeping Katie and Colton out of the party favors.  One of my ideas got foiled.  Aaargh!  Okay, I've started teaching Katie to count by 5s.  I figured this would be the best way to get her to tell time a little better.  She knows her o'clocks and thirty minutes, but nothing else.  Basically, we repeat it over and over aloud.  She'll get it.  It will just take time.  (haha) 

Tonight's gymnastics was encouraging.  As predicted, Katie was on the mats.  I did notice the group tonight wasn't as big as last week's.  Hmm.  Her little group worked on jumping up on the stacked mats by the spring boards.  They also learned to do somersaults, cartwheels, backbends, springing up on their feet with the trampoline.  She did great with her foreward and backward flips.  Her backbends have greatly improved.  Katie worked so hard and I think that she would have continued practicing, if her instructor had not have called it quits.  On the way home, I told Katie that she would need to practice a lot at home, not just at the academy.  She showed Doug how to do a backbend.  She did great.  I tried to show her how I use to practice flipping over, while in a backbend.  Again, it will just take time and practice.   

Photosite Notice
We use to have a photosite with Phanfare.  Last week, they sent us a message stating that Carbonite has merged with them and they will no longer be offering the lifetime membership.  Instead, we would have to pay a yearly fee.  Yuck!  Doug and I discussed it and I've gotten to where I forget to update the photosite.  So we've decided to cancel our membership.  I'm writing this to you just in case, you visit our site.  I don't want y'all to be shocked when there is no longer an account.  Sorry!  It's getting harder and harder finding tools online to document photos or writings for FREE.  Everyone wants a piece of the pie.  Oh well. 

Katie's Bedroom Update - Nada
I didn't have the opportunity to paint Katie's new room last weekend, so I am hoping to tackle it this coming weekend.  We just had so much going on and no air to breathe last week.  Please pray that I would be at least a little bit enthusiastic to get it DONE.  I've already lost my mind with Katie because she LOVES to drive me CRAZY.  Of course, anything Katie does Colton soon follows.  Can you say CALGON?  ~take me away~

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Laura said...

We got Katie's sweet letter in the mail yesterday. Alise thought it was so neat to be getting mail. She did ask, "Why did Katie write me a letter?" so now I can explain the reason. I will try to nail down Alise this week and have her write one back!