Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Science Experiment #2

Yeah, you didn't miss Science Experiment #1 because it was a FLOP! We tried to make snowflakes from pipe cleaners sitting in Borax detergent. The instructions stated that you could leave it sitting in the solution overnight. We started the experiment in the morning. I think we just got too excited and lifted the snowflake too early because it was a big blob of mess. YUCK! It never created the snowflake that we were anticipating.

Science Experiment #2

A Tornado In A Bottle

What You'll Need:
small empty water bottle
liquid soap
  1. fill the bottle almost full of water
  2. put 2 drops of soap inside the bottle
  3. sprinkle a little glitter inside the bottle
  4. screw the lid on tight and go to shaking your bottle
Katie thought it was cool to see the glitter whirling around inside the bottle.  I told her it was the debris.  haha. 


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