Saturday, June 25, 2011

VBS "Panda Mania" 2011

As you know, this past week was our annual Vacation Bible School at church. I think it was a great success with 34 souls saved. I don't have a count yet as to how many children attended. Speaking of salvation, please pray for Katie. We've been talking quite a bit about God, Heaven, Jesus and Salvation for the several months. Of course, Katie wants to go to heaven and meet Jesus. It's what she has told me that she wants. Katie was so excited about M professing her faith the other day. That night Katie told me to pray for her to be saved.  We talked about it and she believes completely that God is real and alive. She believes in Jesus that he walked the earth and died for our sins, so we may be with God for all eternity in heaven. Personally, I don't know if Katie is ready (age) to receive Christ just yet. I think the whole M being saved, might have confused her a bit. We prayed about it. I do feel that God is working in her heart.  Last night, Katie and S wanted to talk to one of the counselors about salvation.  I knew one out of the two counselors.  I explained to Delaine and the other counselor about what we talked about the other day.  I also expressed my concern about her confusion.  Bottomline, Doug and I feel that a little peer pressure might be in play and we know that's not the proper way to salvation.  As a  small group, we all gathered and prayed because S wanted to go ahead and do the sinner's prayer.  I'm so happy for S and her decision to receive Jesus into her little heart.  I think after Delaine and Chelsey talked with Katie, I think they agree with me a little bit.  Delaine gave me a "Becoming a Christian" booklet to read with Katie.  She said it is great at explaining what's going on in her life and how to become a Christian on her level.  I can't say that Katie isn't saved, it's not my place and I'm not in God's way of working his blessings.  We just want to make absolutely sure Katiebug understands fully what it means to become a Christian. 

I think the girls had fun last night during the VBS celebration. There was music, face painting, food and inflatables. Here is a video of Katie and S singing and dancing to one of the songs that they learned this week. Katie is on the right side of the little girl with black hair. The little girl with black hair is S. I thought they did so well, especially being on stage singing in front of a large crowd.

S, Katie and M after their face painting - Red Pandas and Snow Leopard (characters from the VBS theme "Panda Mania")

Outside in the parking lot - 4 inflatables

Katie waiting in line to get up the double slide

Sorry this is a little blurry, my camera phone is very touchy.
While I was standing, watching the girls have a blast on the inflatables, I ran into an old acquaintance, Johnny J. Our dads use to work together many years ago. We use to visit Johnny's parents a lot while I was growing up. Johnny is much older than me, so he didn't give me a second look. I loved going to his house because they had a big orchard and always had animals. They use to have these bee hives by the orchard. I thought they were so neat.  His parents were always so sweet to me. I was shocked that Johnny recognized me because I haven't seen him since 1993, I guess. We both have changed a lot and he had more hair. LOL! Either way, it was good seeing him. He said he went to school with my husband, so it is a small world. I couldn't believe how much he knew about me these past few years. HAHA! I guess his parents and my parents have been talking about us. I got to meet his baby girl, Sarah. He told me that his family has been visiting our church for about a month. Doug doesn't remember him, so I guess I'll have to introduce him Sunday. 

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