Saturday, October 29, 2011

Her Choice

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Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend the annual benefit banquet for "Her Choice" at St. Paul's Church. Our church has had the opportunity to host this great organization one year, many years ago. It was a great luncheon then with wonderful speakers. My new friend, M, invited me to this year's banquet. She had the joy of helping decorate the room and did a marvelous job, I might add. I saw a few familiar faces, delicious food, great speakers, but what impressed me the most was their special guest speaker from Illinois, Jill Stanek.

Jill Stanek, a common woman, like you and I. It seems like overnight she has turned from an RN nurse to a beacon of light for all the ProLifers and a thorn in the sides of most ProChoice media. She has a fascinating testimony and definitely eye opening for me. How her walk with Christ has given a voice to all of the billions of aborted babies in the world. Yes, I did say BILLIONS! It's astonishing. Isn't it? A possible next Billy Graham, the one person that would find the cure to end cancer or other diseases, the next great God-loving US President - GONE! Now you may have reasons to be ProChoice, but God created us ALL for a specific purpose in Life and in His own like-ness. "Before I formed you in your mother's womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you." Jeremiah 1:5.

I wasn't born under a rock, I do realize these horrorible acts are created all over the world. It makes my stomach flip to just think about it. As a human, it is easier to not think about it much less, how this evil doing is done. Some people are blinded by Satan's lie saying that the child would be better off dead. Having a baby right now would be a huge inconvenience for me and my career or future life. The child is diagnosed with a terrible disorder or disease and won't live to reach adulthood or much less, a few hours. Jill told us some awful stories of her experiences in the Labor/Delivery Room. The secrets she found out working at the hospital were involved in abortions for medical reasons. Come to find out, some of the babies that were aborted were very healthy and didn't have disorders like first thought. Oh and the way, they aborted babies made me sick. They were induced births. The babies were born alive, laid or held by either the parents or nurses until they smothered to death because their under-developed lungs. Jill said the babies would live anywhere between a few minutes up to 8 hours. She herself told the story of holding a baby that fit in the palm of her hand. He had down-syndrome. She said you could see his little heart beating through his transparent skin. She went on to say that he didn't move much because it took most of his energy to breath. She held him until his heart stopped. There were several moments, she just wanted to leave it all. But she felt that she needed to stay and fight for the unborn lives that were threatened to be terminated. It goes to show how the human culture pressures us to live in a "perfect world" that strive for "perfect humans." Yet another one of Satan's lies, which he likes to play tricks with our emotions.
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This banquet was to raise money for a local organization called "Her Choice." It's a Christian foundation that ministers to men and women alike, considering aborting their unborn child. They offer other options than abortion. They also offer free guidance, childcare support and charitable help. It's a great charity that speaks God's Truth of LOVE.
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If you would like to learn more about "Her Choice," just CLICK HERE!  

Jill Stanek has a blog that I plan to keep up-to-date with her ministry.  Spreading the Word and being the voice for all the billions of little angels (babies) that are with my Lord and Savior right now.  To read her blog or if you would like to know more, CLICK HERE! 
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