Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Katie's School Picnic

Friday was Katie's school picnic and this time, Doug got to come. I think he really enjoyed visiting Katie's classroom and seeing all that she does in class. Ms. G went over a few of their regular activities. We got to read a few stories in Katie's journal. We found a couple of the pretty funny stories.
I had the opportunity to meet a few of Katie's friends and their parents. I finally got to meet Katie's close friend, A. They are like two peas in a pod. They are a lot alike. I think A's mom and I hit it off pretty good. The more we talked, getting to know one another, the more we found out that we have the same connections. She knows my family members and friends and I know hers. She's already talking about having the girls spend the night one weekend. We even met up with them at Hobby Lobby. I needed to get some supplies and A's mom needed to pick up her eldest daughter's framed painting. Her daughter is only 10 years old and I saw the painting. She has such a great talent. She's planning to have it entered into a contest.

Katie's teacher, Ms. G, had nothing but nice things to say about Katie, which makes my heart smile.  She said that Katie is making all good choices and makes a good leader with the group of girls that she is friends with.  Hearing this makes me relieved, knowing that Katie can't be persuaded.  Kids are under so much peer pressure in school at all ages.  I never thought I would say this, but I hope she will continue to be the hard head she is and stand firm in her beliefs. 

Her grades are doing great.  The progress report that we just received showed that she had a 100 average.  I reminded her that all the hard work really does pay off.  Ms. G has added a little more to the homework.  Katie has math flash cards to go over every night now.  The objective is to teach the children how to add in doubles (ex. 9+9=18).  I think it's great because I've been teaching Katie her numbers by 5, so it will help her to tell time.  In class, they did the doubles song in front of all the parents.  They added all the way up to 10+10=20.  Their Doubles Rap is pretty cute and they love singing it. 
Doubles Rap
It's the doubles, baby,
Let's go, let's go!
It's the doubles, baby,
And we'll start with 0.
0+0=0 (oh)
1+1=2 (oooh)
2+2=4 (more)
3+3=6 (kicks)
4+4=8 (that's great!)
5+5=10 (again)
6+6=12 (that's swell)
7+7=14 (that's keen)
8+8=16 (let's lean)
9+9=18 (jelly bean)
10+10=20 (that's plenty!)

Their class just had a word indentification test on the two pages of words lists.  They are suppose to bring home another list of words to remember.  They won't officially begin having spelling tests until after Thanksgiving or Christmas.  In Social Studies they will be exploring the continents and oceans and doing some research.  I've seen an improvement on Katie's reading this month.  She was so excited because Ms. G. moved her reading level up to Level E, which is a more reading and less picture helping stories.  I've noticed Katie grabbing books from our family library and reading them to Colton.  I've got to get my video camera out, so I can tape them at least one time.  Their class is scheduled for a field trip coming up soon.  I'm sorta glad that they won't need chaperones this time around.  The class is gathering canned foods for the next two weeks.  The field trip is the students going to several different charitable organizations, distributing canned food items that will go to those in need.  I absolutely love trips like this.  I love knowing Katie is participating in charity groups such as these. 

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