Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Black Boa Halloween Wreath

Well, I finally finished my Halloween wreath. I just love it! The only thing is my guests will be able to see at the door and not so much at the driveway. I guess that's what I get for having a dark colored wood door. LOL! I've had a few sweet compliments, but again I had to bring it to my guests attention.

What you need:
16" straw wreath
7 black feather boas
Floral pins
Halloween decorations to your taste

I didn't take the plastic off the straw wreath because I knew that the straw would end up all over my floor.  My first 2 feather boas were shedding everywhere before I could finish the wreath.  The next 5 boas, I picked up the fur feather boas.  They were thinner, but seemed to work better.  The poor clerk at my Hobby Lobby tried to get me to purchase the individual feathers, after I explained to her what I needed the boas for.  Now, let me ask you one thing.  Can you imagine me hot glue each individual feather to this wreath?  I'm not out of my mind.  After I realized that she was serious, I shut my mouth.  Thanked her and purchased the fur feather boas.  That's why I had to use so many boas, but so worth it.  I just wrapped the boas around the wreath and secured it with the floral pins.   I tied a decorative ribbon at the top for hanging purposes and made a bow on the wreath with the ribbon left over.  Have fun decorating! 
The wreath shown at my front door. 



Allison said...

Girl you should start selling some of this stuff on etsy or try too! If only you had the time to make a bunch, right? :) They are really cute though and I would buy one! :) I may try to go to Michael's though and actually make one myself! :)

Laura said...

Love the wreath!

The Mason Bunch said...

Thanks ladies! Allison, you are such a great friend. Yeah, you're right. What time? LOL! Love ya girl. Miss you!