Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Red Ribbon Week and Halloween Craft Ideas

My little diva hated to see last weekend end. As you know, she got to go home with her BFF, "A" after school Friday. Saturday, I brought A home with us because her parents were going to the game in T-town and she didn't want to go with them. We loved having her here. She is such a sweetie. Her and Diva stayed in Diva's room most of the day, watching movies, putting on plays, musicals, concerts and loved having Flash chase them all over the house. LOL!

This week is "Red Ribbon Week" at school. Each day the students do or wear something specific. Monday was red shirt day. Tuesday was Pajama Day (check out the picture). Today was crazy sock day. Tomorrow is hat day and Friday will be school spirit day. Next Monday (Halloween), the students are asked to dress up as a storybook character. Diva and I talked about dressing her up as Clara in "The Nutcracker," but she wanted to wear her witch's costume. So, Diva will be Winfred Witch in the storybook "Winfred Witch and Her Very Own Cat." The students will get to take their storybook with them to school to share, which I think is neat.
It is cool in the mornings, you can tell it in this picture.
My babies in their jammies.

All month, I kept forgetting to put our custom made CD of Halloween music in my vehicle for us to listen to in the mornings. I think I'm kind of glad because that's all my children want to listen to as soon as they step inside the car. There are a total of 17 different songs (Devil Went Down To Georgia, Who Can It Be Now?, Weird Science, Thriller, Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, Maniac, Halloween Theme, etc.) We began playing our special Halloween music last weekend. Flash insists that we play 3 out of the 17 songs over and over. They are "Monster Mash", "Ghostbusters", and "Thriller". I remember Diva was the same way at that age. Now that she's a little older she is beginning to like the other songs more, but not Flash.

Flash is doing well with his color names. He gets them a little mixed up at times, but he is very eager to learn. He is putting together 10-12 piece puzzles on his own with very little help. He loves to play games. I have him match an object with it's silhouette. Then, we match same color objects, to practice with same color concept. He does real good with these games. I introduced to him, paint markers. Oh my gosh! He loves them and I like them because they are washable and not so messy, plus it's a good way to teach color recognition.
With help, he can count to 10. By using the markers, I'm trying to get him to count to 5 on his own. He gets a little confused, but he is getting there.

I just haven't had much time or money to do a whole lot of Halloween crafts this year. But I can share the great ideas with you.
by Trey and Lucy
I thought about making these sweetie with Diva's class, but I forgot that I had already printed out the labels for the treat bags.  After that I haven't had time to make them.  There's always next year.
by Parent Magazine
On the way to school, one resident has her dancing ghost in a circle just off her hill.  So cute and I've wanted to do the same thing now for a couple years.  Oh well. 
by Miner Moments
I LOVE this idea and had so hoped to have the time and money to do it.  PRECIOUS! 
by Parents Magazine
This looks so simple, but I just don't have the time to make them.  It will just have to make my list next year.
by Everyday Is a Crafting Day
This was on my list last year.  I even made sure to have my cheese cloth in stock, but no ghost yet.  Ugh!

For other great ideas for Halloween or other upcoming Holidays, you can find them on Pinterest.  I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest.  A lot of my family and friends have also joined Pinterest.  It's a great place to find and pin all of the things you LOVE. Happy Pinning!

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