Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Bama Game Trip and Prayer Requests

Sue called me a few days ago, saying that her husband bought tickets to the Bama game this weekend. This would be her first football game and she was bringing Maryann with her. She knew we were going, so we planned to ride together to the game and the places she would like to see. She was excited. I was excited. Maryann was excited.

We got to T-town really early because we wanted to take our time to see the sights. We drove through the tornado raged area. The clean up effort seems to be going well. We noticed that they went ahead and tore down the Hobby Lobby building along with many many others. Sue has heard us rave about Mellow Mushroom and had to try it. I don't think she was disappointed. The time we arrived there, was great timing. As you may know, it was the university's homecoming. Thus, a parade was making it's way downtown, right in front of the restaurant. It was great! The floats, sororities/fraternities walking along the streets, followed by area school bands. From there, we went ahead, parked the car, and walked along the streets headed for the quad. I felt so bad for Maryann. While we were walking, she twisted her leg and got hurt. She felt that as long as she could move her leg, walking, it might working out the soreness. She insisted walking to the museum and quad area. We took frequent stops, but she was able to hobble around the campus.

We did get to see the team's bus drive up to the walk of champions. Because there were so many people, we were not able to get up close to see the players or coaches. Maryann and I rode up the elevator to our nose bleed section in the stadium. LOL! Doug and I sat three rows from the top of the upper level. What a work out, walking up ALL those stairs. I really got a work out because the time we got seated, I had to go buy a shaker. Sue and I got the shakers. I had a mild heart attack by the time I got back to my seat, just to have to go back because Doug drank most of my soda. Here we go again. I surprised myself, making it back to my seat without needing fibulator.

Doug and I had a hard time watching the game for all the surrounding entertainment. We had the typical drunk, feeling real good and couldn't believe that the fans around him didn't feel as good as he. One guy a couple of seats by him asked him to sit down, so everyone else could see. Well, he didn't like it and let him know it. It wasn't long before another guys tapped him on the shoulder and asked him again to sit down. Well, he had a few choice words for him as well. That is until the fan pulled out his badge and told him to sit again. It wasn't until the off duty or undercover cop went to get security to escort the drunk out of the stadium, the drunk decided to sit down. The cop followed by three guards climbed up the stairs assess the situation. One security guard holding the drunk's collar, so he wouldn't fall going down stairs.  Yay! The surrounding fans cheered with satisfaction. We had a great time at the game. Doug had an awesome time because Auburn lost and Bama won. LOL! He tickles me.

After the game, we went to Mugshots for a late night supper. I love Picou (grilled chicken sandwich), so good. I don't think Sue believed us when we told her how good their sandwiches were until she tried it. She went on and on about how good it was and she just knew it was something that they put in the meat. We had so much fun and hope to do it again.

On our way home, we talked Maryann into just letting us drop her off at home. She was feeling really bad by the time we got back to the car from the stadium. Bless her heart, she will probably need to see a doctor this week about her leg.

Prayer Request
I would like to take this time to humbly ask you to please pray for the following people.

My cousin April was recently diagnosed with a terminal cancer. We don't know how long she's expected to live, but it's not good. She's only around 12 years older than me.  Her brother and sisters are either there with her during this difficult time or they are on their way. She has three older kids.

My nephew and his wife just found out that they are expecting their second child. She is having some difficulties and would appreciate your prayers.

Of course, my sister, Maryann, for her leg pain.

My mom's feeling much better.  The doctor says that they got all the cancer out of her temple.  She is on the road to recovery.     



Allison said...

Which nephew is expecting their second child? Hope she is doing okay! :)

The Keyes Family said...

sounds like a wondrful outing to the football game. I"m sorry maryann got a hurt leg. Let us know what the doctor says. poor thing. Thanks for the prayer request. ;-)