Monday, October 10, 2011

Lighted Ghosts


Light up your Halloween by making this ghost for your front door.  This ghost was fun and simple to make.  I plan on making one more ghost to greet our little Trick-or-Treaters.  Katie hasn't seen this ghost yet and she is going to flip out in the morning. 

You can make this ghost too.
All you need are:
Twin size white flat sheet
Sheet of black felt
Tomato cage
100 count white Christmas lights
Black Ribbon
Glue gun
Safety pins
Duck Tape
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
  1. Take your tomato cage with top down (flat side) and stakes sticking straight up.
  2. Bend the metal stakes slightly to make a round head for our ghost greeter.
  3. Duck tape the stakes securely at the top, forming the ghost's head. 
  4. Begin securely (using cable ties) stringing your lights around the metal cage. Begin at the bottom first.  I followed the wire all around and up and down.  There's no wrong or correct way of doing this.
  5. Cut all the tails left on the cable ties.  Making it nice and neat.
  6. Fold your twin sheet in half.
  7. Drape it over the frame.
  8. Once you've equally created your ghost's body.  Tuck in the sides and safety pin them.  This secures the ghost's shape and keeps from the lights being exposed.
  9. Free hand draw an eye and mouth template.  I made mine approximately a 4 inch oval shape with a triangle inside cut, to make it look like the ghost was looking off to his side.  Gives it character.
  10. For the mouth, I cut a 4 1/2 inch oval shape. 
  11. Lay the templates (eye & mouth) on top of the black felt.  Secure it with a safety pin.
  12. Cut out 2 eyes and 1 mouth.
  13. Hot glue them onto the ghost's body.
  14. Tie a black ribbon around the ghost's neck area.  To keep it secure place a dot of hot glue on the sheet and press the ribbon on to it. 

There are other ways to make this ghost out of the tomato cages.  If you don't want to see the lights in the head portion, you can simply stick a large round styrofoam ball in the stakes.  The styrofoam ball becomes the ghost's head.  I didn't want to use the styrofoam because I wanted to see the ghost's face all lite-up. 

For arms, simply cut some durable wire and twist around the metal part of the cage on both sides.  With your pliers, curl your wire around so it won't poke out so much.  This makes the sheet stick out a little more. 

You can also apply wire legs for the ghosts to be a little taller, probably a plant stand or set it on top of an upside down pot.  Remember the sheet covers what's underneath. 

There really is no wrong way to create your friendly ghost.  So create and have fun with it. 

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                                                            . . . stay tuned!


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Allison said...

This is awesome Mirya! I'm really going to have to try this! It will be a challenge though! I don't even have a glue gun! Ha, ha! :)