Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dad's Birthday Dinner

Dad will be celebrating his 73rd birthday Tuesday. A few of us got together this afternoon and took him and Mom out to dinner at a local steakhouse restaurant. We had a good time and Katie acted like a polite little girl. When Katie was pretty much finished with her supper, Leslie taught her how to play with her food. As you can tell from the photos, she stuck french fries on all ten of Katie's fingers. It amused her for several minutes until most of them fell off. Leslie was kind enough to take Katie to the bathroom, when they were done playing, and washed her hands for me.

Susan, Tim, Leslie and Jon seemed to enjoy Katie's visit last night and this morning. She went to church with them and my Dad said she was a little angel. I was pleasantly surprised because Katie's not use to sitting still during church for an hour. I'm very proud of her being such a big girl.

I plan to encourage Katie to potty train once again this week. Last week, she did so good a couple of days in a row with the potty training. Of course, I have to make her go to the potty. She is so proud of herself once she uses the potty. She really likes the prizes when she goes potty - M&Ms or Smarties candies. She picks out one piece of candy when she pee-pees and two pieces of candy to poopy. You would think that would motivate her to continue using the potty. I guess it will just take time, plus I'm not consistent with the potty training. We may potty train for half a day or until she gets tired of it. There are days when I have too much to do and can't make sure she potties every hour.

I caught Katie on top of her changing table for the second time. Peggy caught her once before on top of the table. Doug and I talked about it and we feel it's time the changing table needs to go back into storage. We also talked about Katie's crib and when is it time to pack it away. Our plan is to wait until Thursday night and take down the bed. We feel this will take some time for her to adjust to the new sleeping arrangements. Doug doesn't work Friday, so this would be a perfect opportunity. We are only doing this because Katie can swing her leg over the edge in nothing flat. I'm scared she is going to fall right over and hurt herself. Until we can get a hold of her twin bed mattress, we will let her sleep on her baby bed mattress. Since she is still in diapers/pull-ups, I have to come up with a creative way to store them. I was getting use to keeping them on the table shelves. I think I will have to temporarily use one of the dresser tops.

I know Christmas will be here in four months and we have plenty of time, but I'm having a tough time coming up with a good present from Santa Claus for Katie. At first, I thought about a small play kitchen, but we don't have the space for one. I found an easel multi-use by Little Tyke. The easel has a chalkboard, white board, a place to have the roll paper for painting projects. The easel is also easy fold up storage. I would like to get her one of the Precious Moments Disney Characters as a keepsake. Do you have any suggestions?

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