Sunday, August 19, 2007

Family Outting

This past week, the police department have been running a full week of stay the speed campaign; therefore, the full police force have been out and about giving tickets out left and right. I've heard even if you go one mile over the speed limit, you are running a risk of getting a ticket. Beings I've never received a ticket, I didn't want to run the risk now. Sure, like anyone else I will go a little over the speed limit. With that mentioned, Katie and I have been couped up in the house all week. So, Doug, Katie and myself packed up some beverages and snacks and went for a family outting. We had no plans as to where we would be going, just where ever the road leads us. I did want to stop by the Brindley Cemetry and see how it was doing. If you don't know about the Brindley Cemetry, it is where my ancestors are buried. They are one of the first families to settle here, so I'm pretty proud of it. I remember my Mom would take us to the cemetry and take pictures of us on the famous stone bench, just behind the historical marker. I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of Katie and myself on the bench. It was a little grown up, so I went first to see if it was safe from snakes before Katie came up to the cemetry. After I took the one picture of her on the bench a yellow jacket was attracted to both Katie and myself. I think it was mostly me because I did put on a little body splash before I left the house. I tried to get rid of the yellow jacket, but he was really enjoying the smell of my perfume. He wouldn't leave me alone. I told Doug to take Katie and lets go. I was afraid the yellow jacket would sting Katie or get in the truck with us. Darn it! I didn't get to take the pictures I wanted to take. Maybe this Fall, we can try it again.

We drove around the back roads and enjoyed the scenery. One road lead us to Clarkson's Covered Bridge. The keepers of this park has really done a good job with the up keep. We saw one family having a picnic party while we were there. It must have been someone's birthday because they had balloons,cake and kids running around. I just can't believe they picked that day and time of day to have a picnic birthday party outside because it was smokin' hot. After our photo session, we headed back to the truck and we had a cool refreshing beverage. Doug couldn't believe how thirsty Katie and I were. We ended up visiting Leslie at her work for a quick burger and chicken tenders dinner. Everytime Leslie came out to wait on her tables, Katie would have to tell Leslie hello. We left the restaurant and decided to go visit Tim and Sue. Jon and Holden was having a good time playing with Katie. The boys were wrestling on the floor and Katie wanted to get right in the middle of them. She would come and tell me, Holden was tickling Jon. She would get on Jon and start jumping on him. Katie was so excited and having fun. Susan mentioned letting Katie stay with them. I didn't have a change of clothes, but we didn't care if she stayed with them. Katie has only stayed with Millard and Peggy, so we didn't know if she would stay with Tim and Sue. Doug and I left their house around 9:30 p.m. and Katie did good. We kept talking to her about staying with Sue-Sue and Leslie. "Do you want to stay with Sue-Sue?" we'd ask her. "Uh-huh," she'd respond. I thought we would have to sneak out. When it got time for us to go, she told me bye and away we went. When we got halfway home, I called and checked on her. Leslie answered and said they were having a good time. We got prepared though just in case, we got a call during the night. Fortunately, we slept all night and didn't receive a call. When I got up this morning, I called Sue and asked how things went last night. I was proud of Katiebug! Susan said she asked for me during the night, but soon went back to sleep. Susan said while they were laying down, Katie would hear one of the kids roaming around the house. She would ask Susan "what's that?" Susan would tell her and then she would hear another noise and she would ask her again, "what's that?" Katie went to church with Susan, Leslie and Jon, but we see her later tonight.

Tuesday is my Dad's 73rd birthday. Susan thought it would be a good idea, if we took him out for his birthday dinner tonight. Everyone is invited to come and join us. I told her to call me when they are leaving the house and where we are to meet them.

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