Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Perfect Date!

We had a perfect date Friday night! I enjoyed myself so much that I didn't want it to end so quick. Doug got up that morning and washed both of our vehicles, while Katie and I played in the house. She was so excited to be able to spend the night with Grandma Peggy and Papa Millard. Every time the dogs began to bark, she thought they were here. I had to remind her that they would be here when she woke up from her nap. It absolutely killed her to take a nap, she was too siked to go to bed. As soon as they got here, she was ready to go. "Bye Mommy," she said. I carried her to the car and locked her in for Millard. It kills me to see her leave, but I knew she would have a good time. After they were out of sight, we locked up the house and away we went on our date. Doug and I made a deal. He could pick out the movie, if I pick out the restaurant. I knew he wanted to watch Rush Hour 3 and I didn't want to eat Mexican. He was so disappointed we were not eating Mexican, he loves Mexican food. We ate a steak dinner at a local steakhouse restaurant. We both had the Delmonico Steak, but I had the steamed veggies. I enjoyed sitting across from my husband having a decent conversation with him. It was great to have a one on one conversation with him. It was as if we were dating once again. It's amazing how we allow ourselves to get all caught up in the world and family that we forget what marriage is all about. It's about sharing everything with one another, including your thoughts and ideas. If you haven't seen Rush Hour 3, it is a must see. I've seen everyone one of the Rush Hour movies and I have to say this is the best one yet. I don't know which scene would be my favorite because I laughed from the time it started to the end. I give it a two thumbs up!

Our computer chair broke the other night, so we've been on the search for another. We went to OfficeMax Friday because they had a few on sale. Doug liked the more expensive one and I liked the cheapier one. We couldn't agree on one, so we left. Wayne told Doug to check out Sam's office chairs. I don't know if Wayne got his chair from there or if he knew something we didn't. Saturday morning, we headed to Sam's and their chairs were more than OfficeMax. Millard told us Office Depot was having a sale, so Doug might have to go check it out this week.

Doug and I both have been siked over the game in September. We're so excited! We just hope they will play at night instead of a day game. Yuck!! It will be so HOT! Even if it is a day game, we will suffer with pride - IF THEY WIN! tehe! If we have to suffer in the hot humid heat and lose this game, I'll be so mad. Anyway, Doug and I got us a couple new T-shirts for the game. Roll Tide Baby! I tried finding Katiebug a T-shirt, but couldn't find any in her size. I guess she'll just have to wear her jumper. No, this doesn't mean she'll be coming with us. Sorry, baby girl! She's spending the night with Grandma Peggy and Papa Millard.

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