Saturday, August 4, 2007

Why, why, why?

I loved this outfit! I thought Katie would look adorable in this Christmas Pant Set. I've been bidding on this crazy pant set for the past 4 days. For 3 1/2 days, I've been winning this bid. Winning until this afternoon! I really wanted this outfit, but apparently someone else needed it worse than Katie needed it. Why? I had to stop bidding because the price wasn't getting any lower, if you know what I mean. I'm hoping to find another one just like it.

Okay, I don't know what's going on! Katie would not take a nap again today. We were expecting a few visitors today - James & Vonell and later Dad & Mom for Supper. I tried laying Katie down for a nap at 12:30, but she cried and carried on until around 2:30. I told Doug, he might as well go get her. She was so cranky and whiny, so I thought I would lay down with her in our bed. I had some success. By the time I got her all quiet and settled down, James and Vonell drove up. We knew they wanted to see her, so we just went ahead and got up. When James and Vonell left, it wasn't long before Dad and Mom drove up. I was so hoping Katie would be good. She did pretty good, but I just knew she would act up. As soon as Dad and Mom left, she began to act up. While Doug washed Supper dishes, I got Katie ready for bed and read to her until she fell asleep. Do all kids do this? If so, what can I do different to encourage her to take her naps. I've tried making her sit in my lap and watch a movie. I've read to her and make her calm down. I've even gone as far as letting her cry in bed, but nothing seems to be working. Someone suggested whipping her, but I really don't want to resort to whipping her because she doesn't want to sleep. Moms - what kind of technique has helped you out in times like these? Please advise.

Tonight, Mom was able to mend Katie's Snow White skirt. If you were not here, Katie tore the skirt making a huge hole in the back. I started to mend it the Monday after her party, but after looking at it, I didn't think it was mendable. I just tried to encourage her to wear the other skirt "Sleeping Beauty." Katie was happy to see her skirt being fixed. Hopefully it will last her a little while longer before we have to get another one.

We really enjoyed our guests today. It's been a while since we've seen Uncle James and Aunt Vonell. Uncle James has really dropped the weight. He looks real good. In a way, I was glad to see Vonell didn't need her cane to walk around on. I don't want her to fall in any way, but it was encouraging to see her not having to need it. Dad and Doug watched the Braves on TV, while Mom and I played with Katie and talked.

Have a great weekend!

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