Friday, August 24, 2007

Moving Up To A Big Girl's Bed

Thursday morning, Katie was hollering that she wanted out of her bed. By the time I got to her bedroom, she was straddling her bed rail. It's time to pack up the baby bed! As soon as I got her settled with breakfast, I began tearing down the crib. She couldn't understand what was going on. She tried her best to help Mommy take down the bed and get ready for a big girl bed. I talked to her about getting a big girl bed the whole time I was unscrewing the rails. She was all excited. I got her baby mattress sheets changed, re-arranged somethings, wiped down walls and vacuumed the floor by nap time. Nap time was definitely interesting. She had a blast because every time I checked in on her, she had a new toy in bed with her. I knew where this was going - NO WHERE! I had to get a few things done around the house. As soon as I got finished, I made me a pallet next to her and accidently fell asleep. I didn't have her door shut all the way because I was just going to stay in there until she was asleep. I woke up startled because I heard a noise. I looked over and I couldn't tell if she was still in bed or not because she had a mound of stuffed animals piled up. As I dug through the animals, I couldn't find her. Where was she? The door was open and by that time, I heard another noise. What was she up to? I found her in my bedroom on Doug's side of the bed. She had been in there long enough to put three picture frames on the bed. Little turkey! Needless to say, she didn't take a good nap. Bedtime was just as interesting or more. Doug called me later that evening stating he had to go into work the next day, which is suppose to be his day off. Ugh! I was kind of hoping for a little more team effort, but I can handle it. I think he was dreading coming home and having to take down the crib. That was until I told him I had already done everything. Well knowing Doug had to go into work, I asked him to blow up the air mattress beside of her mattress. After we got my bed ready for the night, Doug laid on it - playing with Katie. He noticed it was cool laying in the floor of her room. It's cool closer to the floor because we have a wagon sitting on top of the vent, which makes the cool air blow out rather than up. Doug tried to redirect the air as much as possible, but he wasn't pleased having his little girl sleeping practicely on the floor with the cool air blowing. I did the best I could making sure she was dressed appropriately (long PJ pants & top) and I made sure during the night she had a blanket covering her. Personally, I don't think she got cold last night. I tried to make it a big thing, Katie and myself sleeping on mattresses on the floor. I told her we were having a slumber party. She was so excited, telling Doug we were having a slumber party. I got her to curl up beside of me on my mattress and we read a couple of books. I tried settling her down by 9:00, but she was having too much fun. I really wanted to see what she would do in the middle of the night, to see what to expect. We normally leave her lamp on because it's not that bright and has always served as a good nightlight. It was probably too good. I couldn't believe how much light it put off. It put off enough for Katie to walk around her room and play with her toys and books. Plus, I couldn't sleep with that much light. I plugged in my Grandmother's nightlight that I have in Katie's room and turned off the lamp. Yes! It works perfectly for me. Katie told me it was dark and she wanted the light on. Nope! The nightlight helped me keep Katiebug closer to her bed, but I did catch her trying to escape out the door. I acted as if I was asleep to see where she would go. I was hoping she would go into our room. When I went looking for her, she saw me in the hallway and started running back to me from the Living Room. "I coming Mommy!" she said. I asked her what she was doing and told her to get back in bed. Finally by 11:00, she drifted off to sleep. I had to comfort her once during the night, but she slept real good.

I didn't get Katie to the Lab yesterday for her lead test. So this morning, we headed to the hospital getting blood drawn for the lead test. Poor baby girl! I felt so bad for her. One of the lab techs told me there have been a lot of people coming through getting tested for lead. I told her that we were there because Katie had a few of the recalled toys. She asked me if I've noticed Katie being sick. I told her no. She assured me there would be a slim chance for lead poisoning, but it was good thinking on my part to get her tested anyway. Better safe than sorry. In order to get the 2 viles of blood, I had to practicely lay on top of her. At first, we tried sitting up and taking the blood that way. It wasn't working because she is so strong, she caused the nurse to blow her vein. When it was all over with, the lab techs came over and babied her a little. They gave her a can of Sprite and a pack of Oreo cookies as a reward. Of course, she only eats the middle of out of the cookies, but it was still good to her. Bless her heart! I hated to see her go through it, but it's for a good reason. When she calmed down, we left the lab and headed to McDonalds. On the way, we ran into Mom. She had come to the Professional Bldg for her water aerobics. The water aerobics seems to be helping her out quite a bit.

During our nap this time, I went around the house turning everything off and closing doors. I made me a little pallet by her mattress, made sure she stayed on the bed, kept telling her to lay her head down and made sure she was asleep before I took a nap. She made up for the day before when it came to her nap because she slept for two hours!

Doug came home tonight with a toddler bed, toy organizer, table and chairs set. He said he didn't like the idea of his baby girl sleeping on the floor. Now that I've washed her twin bed comforter, window valances, and pillow sham, I guess I will have to pack it back up and wait until Katie out grows her toddler bed. I will try to take pictures of her new bed and post them tomorrow.

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