Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome Baby Jake!

He's here!
My niece, Elizabeth "Liz" and her husband, Nolan gave birth to their second child, a baby boy. Jacob "Jake" Nolan came into this world this morning at 3:05. I know he weighs 6 lbs, but I don't remember the ounces. Sandy, my sister and Jake's grandma, told me this morning that Momma and baby are doing well. She doesn't know his length at this time. He had to be delivered by C-Section because his head was too big. Sandy is watching Madelyn "Maddie" at Liz and Nolan's home.

The above link is a list of Mattel toys that are being recalled. The toys include: Polly Pocket, Doggy Day Care, Barbie and Tanner set, "Sarge" figures from the movie "Cars," Batman figure and One Piece Triple Slash Zolo Roronoa figure. I don't know how you guys are reacting to all of these recalls, but it makes me so nervous. It makes me nervous I guess because Katie has always been so bad about eating or biting on her toys. We've been fortunate thus far because we haven't had any of these toys being recalled.

Football fever has begun. With the preseason Professional Football starting and now the announcement that Alabama's first game of the season will begin at 6:00 p.m. Woo Hoo! We are getting excited. We still don't have the tickets, but we are suppose to get them at anytime. I just can't believe September 1st is right around the corner. Doug and I have our new T-shirts washed and ready for the trip to the big game. We've been watching the sports news and they are giving some sneak peeks on Saban's training. There has been a huge "Saban hype" here. I hope we are not extremely disappointed. Alabama fans have a history of judging new coaches based on two games - the first game of the season and Alabama vs. Auburn. If Saban losses this first game, lets pray he will win against Auburn!

Michael Vick - More Problems
Have you heard about this:,2933,293268,00.html
"Embattled NFL quarterback Michael Vick, facing federal charges related to his alleged participation in dogfighting, has been hit with a "$63,000,000,000 billion dollar" lawsuit filed by a South Carolina inmate who alleges the Atlanta Falcons star stole his pit bulls and sold them on eBay to buy "missiles from Iran," FOX News has learned." The article goes on that Fox couldn't get a comment from Vick nor is spokesperson regarding the allegations. I really hope it's not true, but in this day and time - who knows!

On a sad note, we are going to give or put Sassy down. The other day while I was sweeping out the carport, Katie was running around and I caught a glimpse of her walking towards Sassy. The cat was walking towards the car and Katie was saying "kitty cat." I told Katie to leave the cat alone. Usually she minds me when I tell her to leave the cat alone, but not this time. I didn't see what exactly happened, but all of the sudden Katie began screaming, crying and ran to me. I saw the cat under the vehicle, so I was trying to figure out what happened. When I finally got her settled down, I saw a scratch mark on the bridge of her nose. Well that's too close for me in order to allow it to happen again. Doug and I talked that night and we both agree, it's time for Sassy to leave us. I've had Sassy before we got married. I guess she is close to 15 years old. She does have some arthritis in her back legs and I have a difficult time keeping her groomed. She normally has really long hair and she doesn't groom herself. Instead she leaves all the grooming to me and even then it's difficult because there are a lot of specific areas she won't let me touch. For the past few years, I've been sending her to a local pet groomers (during the Summer months) and pay them to shave her or what they call a "Summer Cut." I hate having to get rid of her because she has always been such a good cat and good mouser. The only thing I can figure out is Sassy's in pain with the arthritis and Katie caught her on a bad day. Poor Katie. I won't let her around the cat now and she doesn't understand. She'll see Sassy and start telling her "I sorry Sassy." Doug and I asked Katie if Sassy hurt her and she'll say yeah and then point to her scratch mark.

This Summer's drought has made everything miserable. We haven't watered our yard in some time for the fear of water shortage. When you walk out in the yard the grass is like walking on small dried twigs and you don't dare walk barefoot outside. Our trees and shrubs' leaves are shriveled and dying off quickly. It can be so depressing seeing everything dying off like this. I know Texas doesn't need anymore rain, but the South East needs it drastically. I'm not wishing for any Hurricanes by no means, but I do hope the tropical depressions out in the Gulf will make their way here.

Stay cool and take care!

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