Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why Does She Do This?

Okay, can Moms take vacations? Today has been very tiring and I don't think I accomplished anything. I had planned to do a few errands and hit WalMart before the big tax free weekend, which starts tomorrow. I was hoping to leave at a pretty decent time this morning, but Katie was acting crabby. That's okay, I thought. I'll just let her take a nap and we can go this afternoon and get my errands done. No problem. Well, I put her down for her nap around 11:30 and she wasn't sleepy, which is expected because she normally is laid down around noon - 1:00. I just let her play and talk in her bed for awhile. This went on for 2 hours and she still wasn't sleepy, in fact, by this time she was crying and wanting out of bed. What do I do? She needed a nap, she was so crabby and whiny. Even if I only go to WalMart, she is going to be awful! I debated going now or going when Doug got home. I knew Doug had homework, he needed to get to and won't have time to babysit until I got home, plus what would we have for Supper. Ugh!!! After a long deliberation, I packed up Katie's milk and away we went. I stopped off at McDonalds to get her some chicken and fries, in hopes this would keep her occupied at the store. I have to say, she did fairly well in the store. She did take a very short nap in the car on the way home. As soon as I laid her in the bed, she woke up and began to cry. I waited awhile before getting her out of bed. I tried numerous times after and it wasn't successful. She has done this to me a time or two before and it wasn't a good day then either. I hope tomorrow will be a little better for me.

I have a few projects planned for the Fall. I've got to get back into Katie's scrapbook and with determination, finish it. Do you get a collection of wedding invites, funeral home note cards, graduation invites & little pictures here and there of family members? I finally got a photo album to put all of these little invites and pictures in it. I've been keeping my eyes open for new fleece panels to make a blanket for someone (I have no idea). Well, I found a nice Alabama panel. I was afraid they would be sold out if I waited until next week, so I went ahead and got it. Now, who will inherit this blanket? Katie loves picture books right now. I would like to get her a new album and put some updated pictures in it, including all of her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & Cousins. I need to start packing away a few of Katie's baby keepsakes in order to display her new keepsakes and picture frames. I nearly hate to do it, but it's getting pretty crowded in her room.

Have a great week!

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