Monday, August 13, 2007

Okay, I'm tired of Summer! Don't you wish it was that easy. It seems as if we've had the longest Summer in History this year. It's suppose to be in the triple digits all week. Yuck! I hate to say Katie and I haven't gotten out much this Summer unless necessary. It has been entirely too hot and I'm not going to deliberately sit outside and melt away just so I can say I was outside this Summer. Go ahead call me names. Do ya think I care?

Since Doug is holding me back on putting Katie's new big girl bed in her room, I thought I could go ahead and pack up all of her baby stuff. All the picture frames, stuffed animals, baby booties and other decor that say "Baby" were packed away. I set out updated picture frames, special baby dolls and try to make it a little girls room. I found a Precious Moments "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs," and I noticed Disney has a few different ceramics out in the card shops. I found these ceramics at a Carlton's Card, which is owned by American Greetings. I would like to do a little more research and see if I can get a deal some where. The figurines were so precious.

Today, Whitney was able to come and visit one more time before she heads back to college. We had such a good visit! I'm going to miss her and Natalie coming by and visiting with me during the week. I've really got to know the nieces and nephew, Nicholas, a little better this Summer. It has meant a lot to me that they would want to come see us on their spare time. I hope we are able to get with Whit one more time before she heads back to school.

Please keep my niece, Liz, in your prayers. I've been checking in on her this weekend and bless her heart, she just wants the ball to roll with the whole labor and delivery. I didn't know until tonight, but she's been having contractions for the past 3-4 weeks. They went to the hospital Saturday, to check on things and they sent her back home. She said she was having contractions every 2-3 minutes solid, but they were not bad enough. Her doctor said if nothing happens this week, he wants her to come in next Monday and see how she is progressing. If she is far enough, they will probably go ahead and induce labor. She has got to be sick and tired of all of this.

Doug and I watched Hell's Kitchen finale tonight. Sure enough, Rock won! I didn't care for Rock's attitude very much, but it was one of those attitudes that will get you what you want. I was hoping for Bonnie, but it wasn't enough. Now Gordon Ramsey has a new show coming this Fall called "Kitchen Nightmare's" or something like that. A couple of weeks ago, Doug and I watched this show on the BBC and it was okay. Gordon goes into these already existing restaurants and try to make them better. It will be interesting to see. I don't know if I'll enjoy watching it as much as I do Hell's Kitchen.

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