Thursday, August 16, 2007

Katie and Her Babies

Yesterday morning, it was cute watching Katie playing with her baby dolls. She was determined to have both dolls sitting in the same seat she was sitting in. I've been trying to show her how to hold her baby dolls by their waist. It's still a work in progress because she insist carrying them by their neck in a body slam position.

I don't know about you, but it's difficult to decide if any of Katie's toys are part of the big recall. I know she does have Elmo and Dora toys, but I need pictures to help me out. Well, I've found a website article supplied by Child magazine (Better Homes & Gardens company) that not only list the recall names but also offers a picture. I wanted to pass along this link to help you as well:

Playskool "No Spill" Sippy Cup Recall
I didn't know about this recall until today. I don't know if CVS Pharmacy is the only place that sells this sippy cup, but I have seen these before. According to the article this sippy cup can cause a choking hazard. Here's the link for further information:

Payless ShoeSource Children's Clog Shoe Recall
I've been away from these recall list way too long. I didn't know about this recall either - July 17th. Luckily, Katie doesn't have these clogs but I will be watching! According to the article it can cause a choking hazard. I wanted to pass along the information to you as well: .

I didn't include the several recalls for the past couple of months because it goes from air conditioning units to ladies clothes. When you have the opportunity, you might want to check into the other product recalls by checking on this link: .

Take care and God Bless You!

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