Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lazy Days of Summer

It was another scorcher of a day! After Doug finished studying for the day, we headed over to Pat and June's place to hang by the pool. You know that it is hot when it's still around 93-95 degrees at night, when the sun is gone. I know why they call it the "Lazy Days of Summer" or "Dogs Days of Summer." It's because you are so hot, you feel like putty and you can't move a muscle. It wasn't long after we got to Pat and June's before I had to get Katie in house to cool down. I lubed her all up with sunscreen before she got in the pool with her hat, but she still began to get a little red in the face. After trying different things, I decided it was time to go in the house for a little bit and cool down. Of course, she didn't eat a bite of her Supper, hot dog and chips. Once she got loose from me, she soon found Aunt June's movie collection and "Beauty and the Beast." Aunt June and Katie went in the Living Room and watched "Belle," while Mommy got to eat Supper. We went back outside to visit and once it got dusk, Katie didn't care too much about staying outside anymore. Yes, she has gotten to that stage in her little life. She is a little afraid of the dark. This past week, she's really noticed the difference between light and dark. Even if she is in a shadow, she'll let me know it's dark. Tonight, she wanted to stick close to Mommy.

If it's been a while since you've been to McDonald's, you'll have to go. They have Build-A-Bears in their Happy Meals right now. Katie got a bunny and bear with hearts all over it. They are a pretty good size and I think the bunny is adorable.

Tomorrow, it's back to the grind stone. Doug goes back to work (no more auditing). My laundry is way behind and I need to finish knocking out some projects.

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