Friday, April 30, 2010

Garage Sale Eve

I think we're ready for the garage sale tomorrow. I'm excited! We are forecasting 40% chance of showers tomorrow.  Most of the meteorologist are thinking the rain will hold off until tomorrow afternoon.  They say there might be a spot shower here and there.  Oh, I hope their right.  Us ladies have come to a conclusion, if it rains, it was meant to be.  We have our tarps and plastic drop clothes ready.

A young girl came by earlier today and bought Katie's toddler bed.  Whoo Hoo!  Now, if it's the Lord's will, everything else will be sold tomorrow.  Ha ha!

Maryann sold her bedroom suite to a couple tonight and the same couple bought Natalie's radio.  YAY!  Both ladies that bought our furniture today, said they would be back tomorrow.  Let's hope they will buy more.    

Garage Sale
Saturday, May 1st
7AM - 3PM (weather permitting)
Our House

Strawberry Patch Field Trip
Katie was so disappointed that she picked a basket full of strawberries too quickly, causing us to go home earlier than expected. She wanted to just hang out with all the kids. It was such a beautiful day to pick strawberries! The patches were LOADED with red ripe berries. I told Katie that we'll have to come back another day and get some more. The kids picked so many strawberries that they were falling out of the their baskets and then the other children would step on the berries. Yuck! I kept telling Katie to watch where she was walking. For this to be our last field trip for the year, it was very nice and enjoyed it. Mrs. Katie is getting plans together for a great Year End Party next month.
Katie and her friend "O" waiting patiently in line
"H" posing for the camera, while Katie looks away again.
Kids beginning to fan out
"A" showing her momma what she picked
Busy picking berries
Katie & her friend "M" showing me their strawberries
Katie wanted a picture taken of her HUGE strawberry she just picked

Girls wanted me to take a picture of their baskets


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Laura said...

So I expect to read about what you did or made with those strawberries!! Yummy!!