Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As I Grow Impatient . . .

As I grow impatient, waiting for Diva's school wish list and schedule to be posted and mailed, I wandered over to Etsy. I'd really like to get Katie a custom made nap mats with blanket and pillow. I've been pricing them for about a year. Of course, I found a FEW at Etsy that I like real well. I want a material that won't show dirt too much (no white or pastels) and it must be washable. On top of that Katie will insist that it is PINK. While I was checking the nap mats out, I came across Pattycakes and Playmates Shop.  She had some cute outfits including Bama stuff like this cute cheerleader shirt.

So cute, this shirt can be in long or short sleeve ~ $20

This would look soooo cute on Colton this Fall ~ $34 set

I know it's real early for this, but I absolutely fell in LOVE with this Grinch outfit ~ $38 set
There are so many sweet sweet outfits and gift items that I couldn't list or show pictures of them all. When you have time, you've got to go check her out. So cute! She is a former educator that works out of her home from Alabama. Her company started when she decided to leave her job to take care of her mother.

I found these cute "Bama" blocks decor from So Lovely Creations.
This future "Bama" cheerleader in training poem is so precious! This picture is fromKids 'n Training. She started her painting career in 1988 from her hometown, Birmingham, Alabama. She shares such an ah inspiring story. In 2001, she was in an auto accident, which confind her to a wheelchair. But thank the Dear Lord, after her last surgery she can walk again! What a great story!

$32 ~ The above poem reads as follows:
Wait for me, Bama

Daddy says I may cheer for Bama
When I get big and yell better
And I’ll have my own pom pom
And cheerleader sweater.

But first I have to eat
All the veggies on my plate,
And brush my teeth,
And not stay up late.

‘cause if I want to cheer
For Daddy’s school,
I have to learn to go by rules.

When I go to sleep tonight,
I’ll dream my favorite dream
. . . that I lead the cheering
For my team . . .

And get the crowd of people
To jump all around
And yell, “Roll Tide”!
When we make the touchdown.

I've seen these travel scribble sets before and thought about getting one for Katie, because they help out when we have to wait in restaurants or long trips in the car. She would love this one because it all Mermaids. Little Brown Crane made this one.


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

My 4 year old would DIE over that scribble set! It is really adorable. Too bad I can't sew a lick!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my post about Noah....it meant alot!


Laura said...

Great minds think alike! I have a back-to-school post coming out later this morning with things from Etsy.

I may have to look into those Bama Blocks. That is, if we can ever decide on a color to paint the kitchen!