Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cake and Ice Cream Party

Happy 5th Birthday Katie!

I'm still working on writing with gel

Katie blowing out her candles

I'm sure y'all know us by now to know that we can't keep a party with just a cake and ice cream.  Oh no, we ended grilling out hot dogs, onion rings and fries.  We didn't have much left by the end of the party.  I think everyone, including Katie had a good time. 

Doug and I did go ahead and get her the Leapster2 with The Princesses and Tiana games to go with it.  She seems to like it, but hasn't had an opportunity to play with it yet.  She received so many nice things and she loves everything.  I'll get out thank you cards as soon as possible. 

Nia came with Whitney and Zayne, so Katie was having a great party.  The girls were gone soon after Katie opened gifts, they went toting all the gifts to the Diva Palace aka Katie's room.  They tried playing outside for a little while, but you're talking about 99+ degree weather and a humidity of 110.  I had my hair like I like it and as soon as I stepped outside, it all came falling down around my face.  Yuck!

The girls were pestering Whitney and myself about spending the night.  We finally broke down. Katie got to spend the with Nia. Before we knew it, she packed up her bag and had it by the door. Believe it not, she did pretty good packing.  All except for the long blue jeans and fleece pj bottoms, they are her favorites.  Katie came home around 5pm tonight.  She had a blast.  Whitney informed me that it was official, Nia is Katie's adopted sister (they adopted each other) and they want to move in together.  LOL!  They both got to go to Nia's cousin's house to swim.  Nia's mom, Robin, said the girls were wiped out after swimming.  We're hoping to get the girls together and go to McWane Center.  Poor Nia didn't want to leave.  Us moms visited a little bit, while the girls played.  It didn't take long before Nia and Katie were coming up with a plan to get us moms to let Nia stay the night with us tonight.  However, I promised her to come stay the night another weekend.  Katie was so tired that it wasn't long before she was curled up on her bed asleep.  Whitney told me that it was after midnight before they both went to sleep.   

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