Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Katie and Colton Visit The Doctor

Yeah it's that time again and I think that I've been dreading it more than the kids have, I guess it's because I knew what was coming. Yikes! To add to the insanity the computers at the doctor's office went haywire. Ugh! An hour later, Dr. Lunsford finally made his way to our examing room. He kept apologizing about the hold up. They had new computers installed and his computer was going a little crazy.  I was proud of the kids, they found a way to be entertained, during the wait. Katie took her Leapster and Colton ate snacks.

According to Dr. Lunsford, Colton and Katie are both doing very well. In their height, Colton is in the 90 percentile and Katie is 87 percentile. In weight, Colton is in the 12 percentile and Katie is 90 percentile. Things were going very well until it was shot time. My poor babies, I absolutely hate seeing them hurt. I try to explain why they have to have shots to Katie. She had to have 3 and Colton 2. I made the bad decision to let Colton have his boosters first and then Katie. Katie was wigging out watching Colton. She was crying and carrying on before she even got a shot. Katie is a strong little girl. The nurse and I both had to hold her down. Shew! Of course, Katie crying got Colton all worked up again. He was mad (stomping his feet) because he thought we were hurting his big sissy. I had to console the kids and have them gather themselves before we left the room. Shew! This momma was ready for nap by the time we made it to our vehicle. HAHA! When we made it to McDonald's Colton was out like a light. As soon as Katie got her Happy Meal, she was feeling much better.  She did remind me ever so often that she hates shots now.   Our McDonald's has Littlest Pet Shop toys in their Happy Meal. So, Katie is in heaven.

Speaking of McDonald's and Happy Meal toys.  Have you kept up with our big brother "Fed Government" wanting to put the iron fist to McDonald's and their putting toys in Happy Meals?  The current Administration thinks that McDonald's is promoting obesity to our children because they put toys in Happy Meals.  Who would have thought that a clown would have been the bad guy? Shame on them.  Let me back up.  Yes, I see the news and know that we have a obesity problem, especially with children.  Is that fast food places fault?  NO!  Is it the lunch ladies at schools fault? NO!   Is it the government's problem?  NO!  Where are these kids' parents?  I ask you.  Now, saying that I understand some people can't help for their weight problems.  Some people have genetic issues that cause the over weight problems.  Some cases are where parents don't care what their children are eating because they have bad eating habits as well.  Is that any reason to blame fast food restaurants or school cafeterias?  NO!  Now, I know we are in a generation where we like to blame others for our own mishaps.  It's much easier to point the finger at other people, but look at the fingers pointing straight back at you.  Self responsibility is what we lack in today's generation.  Guess what?  I'm over weight, but it's because I let myself get this way.  Not McDonald's or Dairy Queen.  Me!  I do have a plan to get back in shape next month and Lord willing, I'll be well on my way.  Are my children obese or fat?  NO!  That's because I exercise the awful word "NO"!  If your overweight/obese child is begging and screaming to take them to McDonald's just to get a toy, there is such of a thing called - - - -just say NO!  If your child is off the chart fat, get them away from TV and videos long enough to get some exercise.  This makes me so mad because people have hollered long enough to the big brother that we will all be affected.  Big brother doesn't feel "We The People" have two sense to our being because we can't go to the bathroom without them holding our hand and being told exactly how to wipe properly.  Ugh!  I know, my blood pressure is up again and I'm on a rampage.  I apologize for the outburst.  I just get so frustrated.     


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The Thorsrud Family said...

wow, passionate huh? No, I agree, and see your point. I do get upset with food manufacturers. They try to get the biggest bang for their buck. So, they extend the shelf life by putting high fructose corn syrup in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. IT's all about $$$. But, I dont have to put up with it. I make my own. We also don't have cable tv. I dont agree with 99% of the programs, and dont want my kids being exposed to it yet. So, we just dont have cable. PROBLEM solved! No finger pointing here. I love and care for my family too much to see them eating garbage, and sitting in front of the TV all day long. It's just not the way God designed us. I am woman here me roar!!!!