Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tea Time and School Readiness

Precious Party Themes
I'm not hosting a "Alice in Wonderland" party theme, but I had to pass along this inspiration. So so precious! If Katie absolutely is still into "Alice in Wonderland" and I have enough time and patience to pass around, I might be tempted for next year. Too too cute! Here's the direct link to the post from The Tom Kat Studio
The TomKat Studio: {Sweet Customers} Gorgeous Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party & New Color Option for Collection!
Is this not precious or what? I love it!
I have two unfortunates. One, I won't have time to come up with this decor and foods within two weeks. Two, Katie decided she wanted Hannah Montana as her second birthday theme. You talk about being surprised. Surprised because at first she wanted a "Princess and the Frog" but without a frog cake. Ugh!  It went from that to "Strawberry Shortcake". I was actually planning to make a large strawberry shortcake accented with ripe red strawberries on top. Now, "Hannah Montana". So, I'm going to try my hand at creating a purple/pink glittery cake with pink daisies. Wish me luck!

Prayer Request
My friend, D, is almost finished with her cancer treatments and she sounds great. Her round of Chemo is complete and after next week, so will be her radiation. She told her boss that she'll be ready to go back to work a week from Monday. Her boss, M, told her that we just need to wait and see. According to her doctor, she will need to heal for four weeks before they will do the biopsy. The biopsy will determine what will be the next step. She wants everyone to know that she appreciates all the prayers, cards and pictures (Chuck). Thank you again for keeping her in your prayers!

My cousin, Tanner, is still hanging in there with the Chemo treatments. Of course, he has his ups and downs. It must be hard for a teenager to be going through this and not be able to have a normal teen life. He practically missed all last year because of his immune system. Lord willing, his treatments will be completed in October (2 years). I spoke to my aunt Nell (Tanner's grandma) the other day. She said, he is in good spirits (always has a smile on his face and doesn't hardly complain). His faith in God keeps him going and staying strong. His mom, however, is having a very rough time right now. There are days when she cries all day. Please keep them in your prayers.

Your Daily Dose of Laughter

Doug emailed me this video. The Huffington Post wrote an article about how hilarious this guy was freaking out over a full double rainbow. How he goes on and on about it, it's too funny. The first thing that goes through my mind is "WHAT IS THIS GUY SMOKIN'?"

This video was posted on YouTube on January 8, 2010. "Hungrybear" wrote under his description how it was incredible and the camera didn't capture it's vivid intensity and brightness. The constant "Oh my God" and "What does this mean?" (I'm assuming that his is talking to himself) is followed by cries and a complete emotional rollercoaster.

School Days
Well, my wait is over. I finally got Katie's school supplies list and man, oh man. I never knew that Kindergarteners needed 3-ringed binders and dry-erase markers at such an early age. But low and behold, they are on "the list". I'm also a happy camper because the school system has posted their 2010-2011 school calendar.  Now, to find out who will be the lucky teacher for our sweet, precious Diva.  {hmmm} I'm still waiting to receive a package that us parents are suppose to get this month. 

Also, I guess I won't need to purchase a cloth mat through Etsy or from Monograms Plus because on the list, there was a note stating that cloth mats can be purchased at school office. So, I guess I'll go and see what they look like.

Doug went to the store for me and purchased some of the items on the list. I have one question for ya. Last year, I was told to purchase a "shoe box" to keep all of Katie's stuff in. This year, they want a "school box". Now, is that the same thing as a shoe box? Doug interrupted it as a pencil box and grabbed one. I had already picked up a Tinkerbell pencil bag that Katie picked out, so I don't think she'll need a pencil box as well. I just need to call the office and find out what school box means.

She has to take a mesh backpack and a lady, I befriended through Katie's ballet, introduced me to JansSports designer backpacks.  I found the exact one that her daughter, C, had last school year.  I really liked it.  Well I found it through Mountain Sports for $24.95. I know it's probably a little steep, but the momma went on about how well it held up all year long. It might be money well spent in the long run.
There is another JansSports mesh backpack that I think Katie would love, but it cost a little more. Again, I found one at Mountain Sports. It cost $30 from Mountain Sports, but I found one on eBay for $27 plus shipping.  Bottomline, I'm still going to have to pay around $33 for it. 

BTW, Katie's readings are still going.  She has her days, like today, where she doesn't feel like reading.  I've had to go into negotations with the reading.  If she can read 5 "Bob Books", I'll give her 2 hours of television time.  If she can recognize 5 letters, in consecutive order, correctly, she gets 2 hours of television time.  We've been doing the 5 letter game for the past week and today was the only day, she's actually won.  So good for her!  As far as the "Bob Books" go, they start out very easy (red books) and get a little challenging as you improve (red, pink and green).  Each level has 4 books equally. 

Currently, she can read all the red books without any problem.  She's been on the pink books for a few days.  She has some difficulties with remembering the words, but they help her with reading comprehension.  She's getting there and I know she can do it before the Summer is over.  Not only are we reading, but she started on a Mead Preschool Workbook (I can't find a picture of the book online) that I purchased from Walmart in April.  I love it because it has a little bit of everything (colors, shapes, letters, reading readiness, beginning writing skills, patterns, dot-to-dot, numbers, early math skills, science, social skills, etc.) .  She's almost finished the whole book.  There are times, where she thinks it's boring like having to practice writing her letters and numbers, but she has really enjoyed the science, social skills, patterns and the early math skills.  Getting her to write in between the traditional paper grid lines has been a challenge for me, I guess she thinks she's the exception to that rule.  I suppose she'll just have to be told by her teacher in order for it to sink in.  I'm still not fully satisified on her letter/number recognition.  Like I said, I made a game out of using her Leap Frog Catepillar.  I hope it is helping.  On average, she spends about 2 hours a day on her reading and workbook skills.  Today, I had her working 3 hours because I felt like we were running behind and I only let her read 3 books yesterday. 

Quick Colton News
He is beginning to take interest in colorful books.  He recently discovered the "Miss Spider and the Sunny Patch Friends" books from our personal Library.  I remember Katie taking an interest in those books when she was almost 2 years old.  Well, he is following his big sister's footsteps.  I think it's the bright colors that attracts children.  We have 3 "Miss Spider . . . " board books and several hardcover/paperback.  Katie still likes to read them to this day.  I think we have every "Miss Spider . . . " DVD ever made.  So, today I got out one of the movies and let Colton watch it for the first time.  Because his attention span isn't that long, he did spend half an episode watching it.  Meanwhile, he grabs his books and brings them to me.  He thinks Bounce (bed bug) is funny.  He seems to giggle when he sees Bounce's picture. 

My little Flash is wearing me completely out, chasing after him because he gets into EVERYTHING.  And he is CLIMBING EVERYTHING.  He climbs not only the chairs, but the bookshelves.  Ugh!  Thankfully, he hasn't gotten hurt, but I've really had to step up my game.  Please pray for me.

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Laura said...

That is good about Katie's reading skills. Alise has gotten bored with the Bob books and I just haven't had a chance to make it back to BAM to find her something else. However, my mom bought a Dick and Jane book and let her read it this weekend and I was utterly SHOCKED at how good she was with reading it...able to pronounce words that we hadn't even learned yet. Are ya'll still going to the library? We are still practicing on our "sight words."

As for backpacks, I bought Alise 2 last year - one being a Joseph something and the other being a cheapo from Target. They both held up well, so I'm thinking I won't have to buy another one this year. Yeah me!

Colton cracks me up! Good luck with that climbing thing! He's gonna be all over those stairs when you guys come in September!