Thursday, July 15, 2010

Role Playing

Role Playing
Today, Katie came up with the idea of creating a museum in our Living Room. We put together different themed exhibits(farm yard, sports, trains, ocean life, etc.). She even had to change into her museum outfit, as you can see from the picture. Her adding the pink/red rain boots seemed to complete the ensemble. LOL! Of course, me being her only customer, I had to go around to each exhibit with her and talk about how exquisite everything was displayed.
A Visit
Saturday, we visited Doug's aunt and uncle. They sold off all their livestock, but we did get to stroll through the garden.
Katie walking between the pole beans and tomato vines

Pecan Tree

Fig Tree

Just a swingin'

Katie crushing a soda can

Prayer Request
D, isn't doing well.  The radiation didn't do well.  She's back to not keeping any down and the radiation burns are real bad.  She is understandably upset with all of it.  Of course, the doctor won't release her to go back to work anytime soon, with all that's going on.   


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