Thursday, July 15, 2010

Movie Review

Movie Review
Allison and I had a girls' night out last Friday.  We both meet up at the theater and watched "Eclipse".  It wasn't announced that they were sold out.  Just looking around, I could see it was packed.  The movie was awesome and it went right along with the book.  It was great!  So, far I would have to say that it was my favorite of the movies.  Now, to wait and see the two Breaking Dawn movies.  I'm glad they decided to break the book up into two movies because it was a very LONG book to read.  It was a book that something new was going all the time, so I really didn't realize it was that long.

Doug brought the following movies home for us to watch. 
The Bounty Hunter
Gerard Butler is rubbing on me. It's kind of funny how Milo is loving having to turn his ex-wife, Nicole, into jail. Poor Nicole, all she wants to do is find her source/friend and Milo is making it very difficult for her to do so. I love how they pretend not to be in love anymore, but you know that they are. How Nicole's reporter intuition is so much more sensitive than Milo's ex-cop intuitions. I really enjoyed watching this movie and would watch it again.

The Wolfman
This was a traditional so big it's unrealistic type movie. So not scary and in fact I didn't like it at all, which was a huge disappointment for me because I normally like Anthony Hopkins' acting.

Letters to Juliet

I'm just a big romantic at heart. Anything that has both Italy and romance, tugs at my heart. I've got to see this movie. It came out in May, so who's seen it? Was it as good as the trailer?


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