Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Want To Share

Monday Madness

It's been another crazy Monday for us.  Between Katie complaining that she's going to have to get back on a more school time bedtime schedule, washing floors and keeping Colton from climbing the walls.  LOL! 

I was surfin' around GodTube late last night and wanted to share these two popular videos with you.  If you had a rough Monday, hopefully these will put a hop in your step and a tickle in your funnybone. 

Revelation Song video from GodTube.

"A More Real 'Love Story'" by Anita Renfroe

Anita is a Christian Comedian that is singing this favorite song of Taylor Swift. Katie absolutely loves this song by Swift.  I'd like to dedicate this cute song to all you mommies out there that just needs a break.  There have been many a times when I feel just like the woman in this song. 


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Laura said...

I loved that Anita Renfroe video!! Alise heard the music from the bedroom and came running. She said, "Mommie, she's not singing it right!" Ha!