Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hannah Montana Star Found At A Local Walmart

Miley Cyrus was found looking for her Miley and Max line inside the Cullman Walmart yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't know about this until this morning. Ugh! I'm at Walmart all the time, why not yesterday. If Katie came face to face with one of her singing idols, she'd flip out.
Photo: Miley in Cullman Walmart - July 5, 2010
Photo supplied by World Miley Fans.



Laura said...

OMG!! How could you miss this, Mrs. Walmart!??

The Mason Bunch said...

I know Laura!

I have an added buzz - someone admitted that they live a few houses down from her and Billy. The house is located on Smith Lake in Cullman County, AL. I had no idea! The rumor buzz is spreading that she stopped by Walmart to do a little shopping because it was near the interstate. Well, anyone around here knows that Walmart isn't just off the interstate. You still have to drive a ways. Then, their neighbor said they were here on vacation at Smith Lake. She was in Walmart with her boyfriend and a couple dancers, buying a bathing suit. Smith Lake Park has a spectacular fireworks show every year and apparently they were here to watch. Neat!