Friday, July 30, 2010

Follow Me Fridays


If you have little divas at home, you have to check out Grasping for Objectivity's giveaway.  It's going on from now until August 9th.  The requirements are minimal and the winner will be randomly selected on the 10th of August.

I visited a new blogger this afternoon, which was a delight to get to meet.  Believe it or not, even though she is from the Pacific Northwest, she loves Bama football.  Who would have thought?  She even has a picture to prove it.  LOL!  Now that's my kind of blogger friend.  Haha!  She blogs about the simple things of life and I enjoyed visiting with her.  She also has the cutest puppy "Doogan" that is a big ol' ball of fur.  You'll have to check her out at Blooming on Bainbridge

Of course, 5 Minutes For Faith had another great devotion this morning that really touched my heart.  I love the fact that God has blessed my life with so many amazing women. Leah provided today's devotional titled  God is My Shield from Psalm 3.  Isn't it wonderful to know that no matter what obstacles you might be facing today, you can always count on God to be there delivering from your enemies?   No matter if your foe is an individual or situation.  He knows your troubles and he can provide you with the peace you need to carry on.  Praise God!  I hope you get just as much of a blessing as I did. 

If you like to plan WAAAYYY ahead on special occasions, for the past couple of posts (that I know of) The Celebration Shoppe has been supplying some great Halloween ideas for your next party or get together. 

Happy Blogging! HUGS

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flip flops and pearls said...

HEY!! Tks for your comment on Southern Mommas...I 1-can't really figure out that site, LOL and 2- forget to check in!! Just saw your message.

I am your newest follower...come see me:)