Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Katie!

Katie told me tonight as I was tucking her into bed that she had a great birthday today and she'll have an even better one tomorrow because it's her birthday party. YAY! LOL!

Ever since Katie went with Nia, Whitney and Robin to the Earlyworks Museum that's all she seems to talk about. So, I promised her that I'd take her back one day before school started. Well, now is a good time to take her especially when daddy is home. Millard and Peggy were sweet enough to watch Colton, while we (Doug, Katie and myself) all loaded up and headed to the big city of Huntsville. Whoo Hoo! Doug and I have never been to Earlyworks, so we had no clue what we were to expect. In a way, I think Colton would have had a great time there. Knowing him and his naps, it would not have worked well with the length of time spent inside the museum. If you've never had the opportunity of going, it's not like any basic museum I've ever been to. It is strictly HANDS-ON. It's like a little mini village inside this huge building. It's a great way to teach children of all ages (infant-preteen) about history and ways of the old South. As you walk through the front doors, you're welcomed by this HUGE handmade quilted tree. Everything on it is handmade - leaves, branches and trunk. It reaches up to the very tall vaulted ceiling. I think it's absolutely beautiful and to really look at the craftsmanship, it's amazing. 

In the main entrance into the mini village, there's a log cabin where children can dress up like the first settlers with a mock fireplace, cast iron pots to cook your goods, metal cups, plates and silverware to set the table.  To the side of the log cabin is an entrance where the children change clothes and view patterns of old fashioned quilts.  The next is a type of colonial home where you use basic wooden blocks to build pretend building and where the girls can play babies with all small baby furniture.  Across the colonial home the building looks similar to a capital building.  It wasn't too interesting to Katie, but it contained voices of several important national leaders.  Katie enjoyed doing the rubbings.  Beside the capital, tucked away in it's own spot is the famous "Talking Tree".  Ever so often, it will begin telling historical stories to the children.  It's accompanied by two wooden rockers, two wooden benches and a curtained room where the children can read books and play puppet shows.  It's really cute and I think one of Katie's favorites.  Beside the talking tree is an old General Store.  Katie made a friend and they played for a very long time as store keepers.  Complete strangers would walk into the store and Katie would ask "how can I help you?"  The other little girl would tell you what they had in stock.  It was too cute. 
Katie Taken the Cotton off to the Gin

Katie stoking up the fire to cook her tasty vittles

They had so many things displayed for all the kids to have that hands-on experience, too many to mention.  I took lots and lots of pictures.  Another favorite room of Katie's, besides the talking tree, would have to be "Biscuit's Hide-Out."  Biscuit is a dog and his hide-out is only open for maybe a couple of hours at a time.  It's any adventurous child's dream!  You walk through these doors to Biscuit's doghouse, a real water pond where the children fish for pretend fish.  A huge tree that is used for an activity area.  You have a basic farm yard with barn, cow, chicken coop and vegetable garden.  If you're not into the farm thing, then sit on the front porch and play a little music.  Katie went straight for the microphone and began singing!  You have the General Store and Post Office.  Then, you have Biscuit's Hide-Out, where the kids climb stairs, walk across a crosswalk into a club house.  It's all lots of fun!  Thank the dear Lord there were seats for us parents.  Us moms just sat around the tree watching the kids having a grand time. 

I guess we stayed there for a little over 2 hours, but it was worth it.  We were wiped out, but we headed to Target to get a few things and Katie wanted to eat supper at Logan's Roadhouse.
Katie waiting for her sour dough rolls at Logan's

At Logan's, I told our waiter that it was Katie's birthday and if they could do something for her.  Would you believe, she volunteered to go with one of the waitresses, stand up on a chair in front of everyone, while we all clapped and "Ye Haw'd!"  She might have been a little bit embarrassed, but she told me that it was fun.  Thankfully, Doug thought about taping the whole thing.  I was too emotional to think about it.

I'm tell you what, this birthday has really hit me hard.  I don't know if it's just she's growing up and not my baby anymore or what it is, but I'm all the time choking back the tears.  I teared up at the museum, Target and Logans.  I teared up several times this past week, while spending time with her.  I try to get a hold of myself because her and Doug don't like to see me cry. 

Anyway, tomorrow's the big birthday party.  She's so excited and I'm excited for her.  I do have a whole lots more of pictures, but it's late, everyone's asleep but me and I've got to get up and decorate a cake.  Wish me luck!  I'll fix up the photos and post them at a different time. 

Prayer Request
Please remember a friend's daughter, A.  She's not much older than Katie and is having teeth problems.  She'll have to be sedated on August 6th. 

Also, the same friend is having a hard time (I think) with fighting to stop gas chambers in our county.  Our county is probably the only one left in Alabama that still puts dogs and cats in the gas chambers if they are not adopted out.  She's got a real battle on her hands. 


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Allison said...

Thanks Mirya! I appreciate the prayers. Keep them coming. I now have a friend in the hospital waiting to find out if she will get on the heart transplant list. It does not look good, as she has a host of problems. I'm still really nervous about Anya's teeth on the 6th and you were not kidding about the fight for the gas chamber. Looks like Katie had a great birthday! Is her friend going to be able to go to school with her?