Sunday, July 18, 2010

Congratulations Susan!

I'd like to congratulate my sister, Susan, for another great success. She was finally inducted into the Winston County Sports Hall of Fame last night during their annual banquet. She along with three other Addison High School graduates accepted their award. Out of the four people from Addison, she was the only woman.
Addison HS Inductees for 2010

Millard and Peggy kept the children for us while Doug and I along with a few other family members loaded up and went to the banquet in support for Susan. I think we represented her well, 13 of us were able to make it last night for her. We are so proud of her. The guest speaker was none other than Tony Giles, the Bama football and gymnastics announcer. Bless his heart he not only called each inductee up to the podium to receive their award, but also listed all of their accomplishments. As he was listing all of Susan's accomplishments, he had to take a deep breath to finish reading them off. Everyone giggled because there was quite a bit on her resume. You would say that she was the All-Star in the family. She was good not only in sports (basketball, softball, track), but also in academics.
Future Inductee to the Winston Co. Sports Hall of Fame, Jon

My nephew, Susan's son, wanted me to take this picture because he said he would be the next inductee. He along with the rest of us is very proud of his mom's accomplishments. As you can see, he was covering up Susan's name on the plaque.  LOL! 

It was good to see a lot of old faces, coaches, teachers and school mates.  One man that's been apart of us Brindley girls' life, Coach Stephenson was proud to hand out the awards to his former pupils.  Susan and I have a deep respect for Coach Stephenson and I think Sue was so happy that he was able to present that special award to her.  I'm sure it meant a lot to her. 

Of course, when I was in school I had a special relationship with Coach Smothers, my track coach and PE teacher.  He always had a difficulty pronouncing my first name, so he nicknamed me "Brenda Lee", like the country singer.  We always picked on each other.  Well last night was no different.  Like I said, it had been awhile since I've seen all of my former coaches and teachers.  So, Coach Smothers didn't even recognize me at first.  Then he came up to me and told me that he did remember me because I had gained weight.  A cheap shot from him, so I zigged him back.  Of course, we were both laughing at one another.  It's just the type of relationship we've always had.  I was heart sick at first because I thought he didn't remember me, but after that remark, I knew we were right back on track.  It was a nice evening with family and friends.       
Way to Go Sis!


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