Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bear With Me

Hey Y'all! You'll have to bear with me on my blog layout for a little while anyway. "The Cutest Blog" informed me that my former background was about to go obsolete by Friday. Well, I thought I would just get on "The Cutest Blog" and find another background. Sounds simple. Right? Obviously, they sent out a whole heep of messages out to people about their background expiring because all I get are "ERROR" messages. So, I've been checking around for a new layout. Right now, I'm using one of Bloggers new templates. It's okay for right now, but it doesn't go with my header. Unless I find something suitable, I may have to re-create a header for my blog. Oh, well. It's a good thing football season is right around the corner, not to mention back to school.

You'll probably be seeing my blog changing a lot in the next several days, until I'm satisfied. Until then . . .

Please Excuse The Mess



thekeyes said...

Same here. I have other sites i get blog back grounds from too but i just didn't see anythign i loved out there right now.. maybe i'll look again.

Laura said...

I love your header pic!!