Saturday, August 28, 2010

Addison HS defeats WCHS Thursday Night

Big Jon #81
Doug and I picked up my parents and headed to the town of Addison in hopes to see my nephew, Jon, play his first football game. He is a Junior in high school, 6' 3" and plays positions: tight end, kicker/punter. We are so proud of him. They played a great game. Jon, #81, was able to make 4 extra points for his team. Final score: Addison 28 WCHS 14. As you can probably tell from the pictures, Big Jon is kind of easy to point out in the sea of football players. LOL! He is such a sweetheart. As soon as the game was over and everyone finished celebrating on the field right after game, he came looking for his family supporters to give us nice sweaty hugs and kisses. LOL! I got to meet his girlfriend that night as well. She is so pretty, reminds me a lot of Leslie with the dark hair and blue/green eyes. She is a little bitty thing, but seems very sweet and well mannered. My dad tried to pick on him about her, but Jon gave it right back to his grandpa. LOL! Way to go Jon! My dad loves to aggravate all the grandkids, including my little ones.

Watchin' the Game

Making His First Field Goal of the Game ~ Addison 7 - WCHS 0

Jon ~ you did good and we are very proud of you! Love ya!

Fired Up After Splitting the Uprights

Jon Talking It Over with the Ref
In the Huddle ~ Jon's the Tall One

Another Punt ~ Look at that Leg Go Up ~ Shew!

Doug takes a silly picture of me and Sue ~ Jon's girlfriend is the one to my top right with the blue shirt
Mom Cheering On


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