Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Week of Kindergarten

I believe we all survived our first week of school. Yay! Katie is absolutely LOVING Kindergarten. She's making lots of new friends and has the opportunity to see her other friends during lunch, P.E. or recess. I think it's sweet, Katie has her first crush. She doesn't like to talk about him a lot, I think it's because she gets embarrassed. So, I don't push it too much. Of course, Dad doesn't like it at ALL! He tells her to stay away from the boys. The boyfriend's name is Jackson and all I know about him is that he has blondish brown hair, green eyes and is short. Whom she is comparing him to, for him to be short, I have no idea. Friday, she drew a pretty picture of two stick figures holding hands on a beautiful sunny, blue skied day, while standing in a field of pink daisies. The stick people both had brown hair. When I asked her if this was me and her walking in the field of daisies, she corrected me right away. "No mom. That's me and Jackson." Oh well, excuse me.

A little girl by the name of Emma has replaced Claire as being the new best friend. Katie misses Claire, but she understands that Claire won't be going to her school. Apparently, Emma is also in Katie's Sunday School Class at our church, so that makes it easier. She loves to talk about her new friends and all the things they get to do together. It's like an entirely different child this year compared to last year. She yacks my ears off from school to home every day. I'm so happy for her to be having so much fun.  She loves the fact that she gets to go to school every day this year compared to last year. 

Right now, she hasn't brought home any homework. They are going over shapes and colors. According to Katie, Mrs. M reads all the time. Meanwhile, Katie and I are going over her "Bob" books every other night. She can breeze through the red colored books and does fairly good with the pink. The green are a little tougher for her, but with help she gets through them. I've tried to mix things up by letting her read (for beginners) "Biscuit", "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "Dick & Jane" books.

Friday, Doug was home for the day and joined us in the drop off and pick up parties. He couldn't believe the hours I left and arrived. He kept saying this is crazy. I told him that a lot of people just set back with a good book or newspaper. For me and Colton, we bring a snack party. I usually carry two bags. One is full of toys that Colton might want to play with at the time and the other is snacks and drinks. Doug could not believe it. When we finally picked Katie up, we all went to Dairy Queen for a little ice cream treat. I noticed the car in front of us. This person had a vinyl decal of their initials, which spelled out "SPA". I just thought it was so neat. At that point, Doug asked if it was our cousin Shawn. Sure enough, she was bringing her boys over for a cool treat as well. I guess great minds think alike. As soon as she rolled down her window, I hollered at her. Her son, Trey, is at the same school as Katie. He told Shawn that he gets to see her sometimes at recess and lunch.

Yesterday, my sister, Maryann and nephew, Ryan, came by the house and kidnapped me for a few hours. HAHA! Maryann's been needing a little help learning how to upload pictures from her new digital camera. She knew that I use an out source for printing my pictures, so she asked me to help her set up an account. We could have done it here, but I thought it would be better for her to understand in front of her desktop. Plus, I wanted to check out Ryan's new room. I got Maryann all fixed up. Whitney came by to visit with Ryan.  All weekend, Ryan and I have been swapping movies.  I'm borrowing his "Planet Earth" Blu-ray.  He said it was awesome to watch.  It comes with 4 discs.  He seems to think that Katie would enjoy the animals.  He just ordered "Life" narrated by David Attenborough in Blu-ray.  He said he'll let me borrow it as soon as he watches it. 

I'm so happy for Ryan. He is 27 years old and has been working for Duke University Hospital as an RN since he graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree. He's made a huge decision and leap for his future. He was accepted to UAB for his undergraduates degree. Since he was in high school, he was hoping to be an Anesthesiologist or in that field of work. Now, he has that opportunity. YAY! In order to make it happen, he took a leap of faith. He left his job, his current residence and new life to come back home. Honestly, I'm just thrilled that he is home where he belongs. I think he is happy to have this opportunity. He starts his classes this week. Bless his heart, he's got 5 classes and 1 lab. Yuck! He's ready to dig in and get started. By the way ladies, he is SINGLE! He and his girlfriend had to break it off because she is attending Duke University for her undergraduate degree. They decided to not even try to have a long distance relationship. Hopefully, he'll receive his undergraduates in a couple of years.

Last Friday, I had so much to do and very little time to get it all in.  Unfortunately, I had to put my gym membership on the back burner.  Ugh!  Lord willing, I hope to get everything finalized and get me working out in the next couple of days.  Shew!  Y'all just don't know how frustrated I am with myself and how I've let myself go.  I blame it on hormones!  Unbalanced Hormones are a woman's worst NIGHTMARE!  I've had a few people tell me, because of my symptoms, I might be currently going through perimenopause.  After today's meltdown, I looked up the symptoms and yeah, it describes me to a "T".  So folks, stand back a perimenopausal woman is walking through.  UGH!  Once I get everything scheduled, Katie, gym, Colton, hopefully I'll get an appointment with my doctor.  I'm hoping she'll be able to tell that I'm not completely out of my mind.  I was telling Doug just today that I feel like my nerves were sticking out like barbed wire and I'm emotional rollercoaster.  Add on headaches with those mood swings and you've got me, the crazy person. 


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Allison said...

Cute stories! I'm definitely feeling the burn from the workout today too. I hope I can be more motivated to go at least a few times a week. Anya seems to like school as well. No boyfriends yet though here as far as I know! Are you letting Katie take her lunch to school and if so what kind of things are you having her take?