Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Ready For A Life Change

Ballet Time
Katie's eyes were big when I told her last night that we have to go get signed up for ballet.  Bless her heart, she thought she had ballet class today.  She was so hoping to get to start, but I had to tell her that classes are still a few days out.  She gets to move up this Fall from the pink ballerinas to royal blue.  This tells me, I'm going to be out of some money because I can't just go to Academy, Walmart or Target to get Katie's leotards.  Getting her leotards at these places has saved me some money, but we'll have to buy them at the school this year.  We dropped off a few of Katie's leotards, from last year, at the school to sell.  While we were there, I priced the new royal blue leotards, to get an idea.  Ick!  The cheapest plain ones were still $15 a pop.  Ugh!  This doesn't include the skirts, which are a must.  Fortunately, she is allowed to have different colored skirts.  I might be able to buy them cheaper at the big retail stores.  Lets just hope Katie's old leotards sold, so we can use that money towards new ones.  Of course, I picked a day and time that no one else is signed up yet.  I do this every year.  So, more than likely I'll have to pick another time for Katie's lessons.  This year, the Ballet Theatre School is offering tap dance for Katie's age.  I was tempted, but she really wants to be able to take jazz next year. 

Mark it on your calendar, the Montgomery Ballet Company and CBS are coming together to bring the famous ballet performance of "The Nutcracker" to our hometown.  Yay!  Ballerinas ages 6-adult have the opportunity to audition for parts in the performance.  "The Nutcracker" will be performed at Wallace State College in Hanceville on December 3 & 4 at he Betty Leeth Haynes Theatre.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

Join the Gym
We stopped by the gym today, to pickup my paperwork and have a few of my questions answered.  To my disappointment, I didn't get what I really wanted.  Doug acted as if he didn't want to join the gym.  Well, in order for me to get daycare for the kids, he'll have to join.  Ugh!  I was so hoping to go as an individual and get the individual price just for the fitness and not pools.  Well, the lady informed me that I would have to get the family plan in order to get daycare that it's not offered with just an individual plan.  And who thought of this idea?  I started to ask what do they offer for a single parent, but I didn't go there.  I told Doug and he guesses he'll just have to go.  I think their open until 9:00 at night, I believe.  We'll work something out to get our monies worth.  I even asked the lady if I could put my dad or mom under the family plan and she shot me down again.  Let's just hope it's worth it!  I had better loose some major weight with this kind of commitment. 

Growing Deep in the Christian Life
Now, to add to my new life schedule for this Fall and Winter months, I plan to do a bible study (on my own).  I started this study once before when Katie was an infant and had to stop because that was about the time my mom got sick.  So, here we are again.  Instead of starting where I left off, I've decided to start over. I have no idea if I would remember what I did learn.  The study is from the book "Growing Deep in the Christian Life" by Charles R. Swindoll.  It's an intense study, so I plan on taking it slow.  This study may take me a year to finish that's how slow I'm going to take it.  I've got my notebook, reference books and bible on my nightstand ready to get started.  You'll probably get a glimpse from time to time from my readings.  So, hold on ladies, I might get fired up.  LOL!  

Great Belk Offers and Sweepstakes
August 10th - Civil Service Appreciation Day - 10AM-9PM - Belk is celebrating "Civil Service Day" by offering an exclusive 20% discount on regular and sale priced purchases (15% discount on home items and shoes) with very limited exclusions for local government, fire & police, city chamber and other civil service employees who present a valid work ID. For details, please contact your local Belk store.

August 13-22 - Chaps Gift with Purchase Event - 10AM-9PM - Receive a FREE "Chaps Denim True American Brand" tee shirt with any purchase of Chaps Denim jeans from August 13 - 22, 2010.* *Limited supplies available. Offer good while supplies last. Offer good only with purchases of qualifying Chaps Denim Jean. Offer available for "Chaps Denim True American Brand" tee shirt only and may not be applied to any other tee shirt.

August 14th - KidFest - 12PM-3PM - Celebrate the last days of summer with music, refreshments, a fashion show, games, prizes & more! Plus register for your chance to win a $500 children's department wardrobe and a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and Indoor Water Park! Contact your local Belk store for details or to find out how you can participate in our fashion show.

August 26th - Bridal Engagement Party - 6PM-9PM - Calling all brides and grooms for an evening of refreshments, wedding registry and prizes! Register to Win: $1,200 travel certificate for air or cruise travel, $1,000 in cash, $2,000 worth of Carolee jewelry, $1,000 Belk Gift Card, and more! Plus, create or add to a qualified registry and receive $25 off any regular or sale purchase of $75 or more. Visit your local Belk store's Home department for complete details.

For more information or to find a Belk closest to you, CLICK HERE.

Prayer Request
My cousin, Lissa, just informed me of her son's fiance, Elizabeth's illness.  Lissa's son, Abe, is to be wed to Elizabeth in the next couple of weeks.  She has bad Migranes occasionally lasting 2 weeks and sometimes shooting pain in her eyes.  She was diagnosed as having a mild case of MS.  I've heard how MS can make it difficult for some to function an everyday normal life.  Of course, we would love it if God would heal her body.  If it's not his well, I ask that he will relieve her pain and discomfort. 

Doug's aunt is doing better since the doctor adjusted her meds.  The hallucinations have gone away for right now.  Thank you for all the prayers. 

Normally, I don't list people on my prayer list from people whom go to our church.  I don't do this because there are SO many and it would take one very long post alone.  However, I do have exceptions.  I attend church with Tom and I'm sure he could really appreciate your prayers.  He is currently in the hospital.  At first he was diagnosed with shingles on his head and now I got a report from another class member that went to visit him.  He has meningitis now, caused from the shingles.  Tests have been run and the doctor hopes he will have the bacterial meningitis and not the viral.  Thank you for the prayers!


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