Monday, August 16, 2010

What's Homework?

Today is the first day, Katie has homework. As soon as we got home, I let her eat a snack and watch 30 minutes worth of Scooby Doo before we got started on the homework. She came to me all excited. "I want to do my homework now," she said. I didn't even get the paper out to read over what we had to do, then she began asking "what's homework?"

She has to practice writing her name, memorize her lunch #, have a book read to her, she has to count up to 20, and have a selected list of nursery rhymes read to her. This homework is to be done everyday this week.

Mrs. M sent all of us parents our newsletter today. She informed us that all the children will focus on shapes, letter recognition, practice their counting and words that rhyme this week. YAY! I'm so happy Katie is staying in green because she got a treat at the end of the day. If she turns in all of her homework at the end of the week, she gets another treat. According to the newsletter, there is a parent/teacher meeting this week already. She just wants to sit down with us and let us know what learning skills, they've been working on. Nothing big.

Can you believe it is Scholastic book buying time? Mrs. M sent home two order booklets. Katie's been begging me for "Goldilicious." It's the last book of the "Pinkilicious" series. Scholastic is offering the book for $4. I can get so many great deals from this company. I also found another great book that I remember reading as a child, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." I remember this being a pretty funny book. I noticed during Open House at school that Katie had an interest in the "David" books. I found one "David goes to school" for $1. I think she'll enjoy reading it. I would have loved to order more that I liked, but I had to STOP.

Last night, we had a very nice thunderstorm, which left the ground still pretty wet this morning. I love it! We haven't had as much rain for the past few weeks. Our nice wet Spring and early Summer has come to a halt, I do believe. I guess we had some pretty strong winds to go along with the storm because this is the first time I really noticed all the leaves are beginning to turn. On the drive to school, I couldn't get over the leaves on the road. That's when I noticed the yellow, orange and brown leaves are beginning to show. I brought it to Katie's attention. Right off the bat, "mom, does this mean it's Fall now?" It's hard to explain to a 5 year old the starting of a Season. I told her that she will have to watch each morning and see how things begin to change. I just hope we'll have a somewhat decent Fall considering that the leaves are already changing and falling. With the trees beginning to change and the hype of football around the corner, I'm getting so excited.

On A Side Note
I joined the gym, so watch out this momma's on her way to losing some major weight. I'm all set with my music, yoga pants, and club pass.

After a few months, Colton is finally cutting 3 of the last 4 teeth (canine). YES! It's been very hard on him for the past few days. I knew something was going on with all the symptoms, but I couldn't see anything cutting through until today. He was absolutely miserable all day today. He only took one 15 minute nap today, so he was extremely tired by the time I placed him in his bed at 9:00 tonight. All I could do was have him suck on ice pops, suckers, rock him and give him medicine. Beings that his top two teeth are showing now, I'm hoping he will feel much better tomorrow. The tooth on the bottom looks like a little blister.


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