Friday, August 13, 2010

Full Of Wonder

Have you ever wondered where the phrase "The Dog Days of Summer" came from? I've always known, living in the South, the end of July through the month of August was "The Dog Days of Summer." I never really questioned or asked about it's origin. So, as I'm rocking my baby boy and listen to the July flies outside my window practicing their symphony for later tonight, the question popped into my head.

The phrase dates back to the ancient Roman days. It was thought that Sirius, the Dog Star, would come to a close proximity to the sun causing the hot weather. Romans referred to the dog days as the hottest and most sultry days of Summer extended between July 24-August 24. According to the Old Farmers' Almanac, the dog days of Summer extends between July 3rd-August 11th, which coincided with the rising of the Sirius aka Dog Star. These are days when rainfalls the least. The Sirius, Dog Star, is part of the constellation Canis Major. This constellation appears in the northern hemisphere during the hottest time of the year, Summer. The star named Sirius is quite visible in the night sky. "Dog Days are named for the appearance of the Dog Star in the Eastern horizon." This is according to Fern Fischer, Technology, "Dog Days of Summer": The Meaning of the Phrase.
The Constellation Canis Major - Sirius "Dog Star" is the brightest star in this constellation

I found a phrase that comes from the short story, "The Bar Sinister" by Richard Harding Davis. "Dog days bright and clear, indicate a happy year. But when accompanied by rain, for better times our hopes are vain." It's thought that people will remember during the dog days to tend to their animals (dogs) and leave them water to drink during the most sultry dry days of Summer.

Books and Movies
While we are on the road, headed for school in the mornings, I listen to The Rick and Bubba Show. Wednesday, their guest was, Darek Isaacs.  He is a author, film producer, and speaker.  He is also the President and Founder of Watchmen 33, an organization designed to defend and confirm the authority of the Bible.  Darek maintains that only through the knowledge of Jesus Christ can the great mysteries of human existence be answered.  He travels all over the country as a speaker and for film events, but I was pleasantly surprised that he and his wife reside here in Alabama.  He is the author of the book "Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution."  He spoke a little about his book and documentary and I became quite interested.  I mean, haven't you ever wondered why dinosaurs are not mentioned in the Bible?  If scientist are discovering all of these fossils, these GIANT mythic type creatures, then why are they not mentioned more in the Bible.  I just figured I would have to wait and have this discussion with God one day in heaven.  Little did I know that the Bible does mention dinosaurs, eventhough the word "dinosaur" isn't written.  It was there this whole time, but the only way you'll see it is by reading the King James Version.  I've tried researching Darek's findings by using my NIV.  The NIV describes the beast as jackals or serpents.  In the KJV the readings are different, describing the creatures as dragons and serpents.  Darek said it is just a communication error, a language barrier.  The word "dinosaur" is a new word in the language history.  Darek seems to think that the fossils the scientist are finding were a possible result of the great flood (day of Noah).

I would be interested in either reading the book "Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution" or watch the documentary.  I found an interview with Darek Isaacs from "Did Dinosaurs Coexit With Humans? An Interview with Darek Isaacs".  Isaacs writings and documentaries can be found in most Christian bookstores all over. 

Please let me know if you've read this book or seen the documentary. Did you like it? Was it informative and interesting? I really want to know.


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