Sunday, August 22, 2010

Storytime and School Sweethearts

A week or two ago, I came across a great sidewalk sale at Books-a-million. They had some children's classic story books for $2.97 like Peter Pan, Alice and Wonderland, Little Women, and Anne of Green Gables. I remember my literature teacher, Mrs. Whisenhunt, read us this book and I fell in love with the story. Of course, I think I've seen every movie from the books when I was a child. As soon as I saw "Anne of Green Gables," sitting up in the bin full of other story books, memories began to flood back to me. I had to get it for Katie. Then I debated . . . would she be old enough to listen to books without so many pictures in them? Could she understand what was happening? Yesterday, I decided to take a chance and got the book out for her. She kind of looked at me like I was crazy at first when she noticed there were not very many illustrations inside. She was just as excited as ever to know that I would be reading a book to her, whether it had pictures or not. She was curious and I was too. I wanted to see how she would react, if she could keep up and make sense out of what I was telling her. I'm only reading one chapter a night. The chapters are fairly short, so it shouldn't overwhelm her. Tonight, I read the second chapter. Of course, she asks for more. I ask questions after I read, to see if she is paying attention and too see I'm not getting over her head. If there is a word that I know she doesn't know what it means, I'll stop and ask her. If she doesn't, I'll explain it the best way I can. For instance, she's never been exposed to orphans and wouldn't understand how a child could not have a mom or dad. We talked about adoption and what it meant. She seems to really enjoy the story so far, she was looking forward to it tonight anyways. I hope it will continue because I really enjoy our mom and daughter moments.

Speaking of mom and daughter moments, as you know, we like to talk right before I turn out the light. As we were getting ready for bed, she was talking about her school friends and I noticed how giddy she was once she mentioned the name "Miles." I haven't met Miles or his parents yet, but I do know that he sits right beside Katie. While we were having our bedtime talk, she began smiling again as soon as she mentioned Miles' name. I asked her if she liked Miles a little. "Yeah, mom. He is my boyfriend." she said. Puzzled, I asked her that I thought Jackson was her boyfriend? "Jackson" she said with a weird look on her face. "Yeah" I told her. "You told me your boyfriend's name was Jackson." "Oh, {laughing} that's not his name mom. It's Miles not Jackson {still giggling}). She opened up to me a little more tonight. She told me that he not only sits beside her in class, but in front of her in the lunch room. She says he makes her laugh by making silly faces. I asked her if he liked her. "Yeah, he does." she answered. She said that they hold hands. Oh me, so funny.

Her telling me the stories, helped me remember my little Kindergarten boyfriend, Jason. We would hold hands and he kissed me on the cheek under the lunchroom table. LOL! First little crushes are so sweet.


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