Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tell Me Thursday

Tell Me Thursday
Are you wondering why I would have a picture of a traffic jam for my Wordless Wednesday? Well, this was the school traffic just to pick Katie up from school last Tuesday. All of these vehicles are trying to get into the school drive just to pick up their children. All of the these vehicles that have all come in at the same time, are trying to work from two lanes (from the other side) down to one lane. Us parents needing to turn left have to wait and make sure no one from the other end hits us, while we are turning. A few people thought there were two lanes going into the pick up zone and then thought they would cut in line. I was waiting for some major road rage. Finally, a school staffer saw what was happening.  She walked up to the vehicle, instructed them to turn right and park at the back of the building, to pick up their child. I bet they were fuming being forced to park in the back instead of getting in line, but that's what happens when you make a rash decision like that.  I witnessed people parking at the high school parking lot, which is a very LONG way to walk to primary school, pick their up their children and they all walked back to their car.  The poor children's faces were red as beets.  A lady rode her bike to pick up her child.  She had an extension on the back of her bike, so the child could ride along.  I thought to myself, well I've seen it all now.  The heat index had to be close to 100 degrees with no wind or shade.  One guy jumped out of the car's passenger side and ran to the pick up zone to get his children and they all walked back to the vehicle that was still in line.  By the time he got back to his car, his face was all red and he was sweating profusely.  These people had to be pretty desperate, they couldn't wait 30 minutes or less to get their children.  I felt sorry for the children because they were the ones having to endure the conditions. 

After all that waiting and 30 minutes later, I finally got to pick Katie up. I was beginning to get worried. I say that because I'm trying to slowly take Colton's passy away from him. I didn't even think about it until we were well on our way to school that I forgot his passy. I didn't figure it would take that long to go pick Katie up and get back home. Then, my next worry was "do I have enough gas?" I noticed while waiting in line, I was down to a 1/4 of tank of gas. {ick} Knowing what I know now about school pick up, I went straight to the gas station and filled up. I've got Colton and Katie a snack packed in his bag and an extra passy. Shew!
Mrs. M helped Katie into our vehicle. I asked her how the first day went. She said that Katie does her own thing. Oops! I agreed with her. I guess I made a face because she assured me that she will change, it just takes time. She added that she was good and they had a good time.

Katie talked my ears off all the way back home. She made sure to tell me that she has new friends, a boy and girl. Unfortunately, she can't remember their names right now. I told her that it will take time just like last year. I think the limelight of her day was when she got to play on the playground (with a swirly slide) and the gym, all in the same day. LOL! Last year, she only went to school for 3 hours. They either got to go to the gym or the playground, never both in one day. She loves the playground! She did seem disappointed that she didn't get to learn how to hola hoop or jump rope. These are things Mrs. M promised the children (amongst other things) they would learn to do this year. Katie has been begging me to teach her how to hola hoop and jump rope. I really didn't think she was quite ready yet. I assured her it would happen one day and not to get frustrated.


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