Saturday, August 7, 2010

Open House

It's been a busy couple of days for our little family. I think my first Parent Meeting with Mrs. M went well. I sat down with a few questions and was able to have them all answered without having to ask. I guess that's always a good sign. I really like Katie's teacher. She seems very nice, understanding and patient. She told us this year marks her 25th year teaching. She looked to be maybe in her late 40s, early 50s. She went through the children's daily schedule and what to expect. I've pretty much decided not to let Katie go to school with her flip flops or sandals because during P.E. they are required to wear lace-up tennis shoes. Mrs. M said that she didn't mind them wearing flip flops or sandals, if they knew how to change out of their shoes without needing help. Well, Katie is still learning how to tie her shoes, so I'm afraid it would be a problem. I'm also going to have to scratch out her wearing dresses too because Mrs. M said the P.E. coach is very strict and the children will be going through an extensive workout. If they are not wearing the proper attire, they will have to set out of all the activities. Mrs. M said that the children are very sad when they have to set out because they forgot something. So, only tenny shoes and shorts for right now. She also went over her discipline plan. Let's just hope we won't be called in for a special parent meeting. HAHA!
Katie posed in front of her classroom "Clifford Class"

As many friends Katie has between her old school and ballet that are going to same school now, not a one will be in the same class with her this year. I guess in a way, it will be good because Katie will be encouraged to make new friends. From what I understand, she'll get to go to P.E. with at least two of her friends and of course there is lunch time. It was nice to meet with some of the parents in Katie's class the other night. The one couple, I got to talking with makes me think that Katie and their son will end up being the talkers of the group. Their son, Evan, will be sitting by Katie. They said that he is a character and likes to talk. Well, I informed them that Katie loves to talk as well. So, this should be interesting.
Katie & Mrs. M

I decided to go ahead and take pictures last night because Mrs. M encouraged us parents to try to stick to the drop off and not bring them to their class. It will make it hard for the child to adjust. It sounds harsh, but I completely understand. Katie was so excited about the Open House last night. I wished you could have seen all the people. The doors didn't open until exactly 5:00, so there were a lot of people standing outside. We saw a lot of familiar faces with Covenant School and ballet moms, I didn't meet too many strangers. Of course, we asked who was going where. Katie and Olivia B. had a warm welcome for each other. They both hugged each other and talked a little. I thought it was so sweet, Olivia told Katie that she'd see her at lunchtime. What a positive outlook on the situation? I recognized a ballet mom that was recruiting PTO moms. I went ahead and bought Katie a school t-shirt, but told her I might wait on the PTO membership. I've already signed up to help with Katie's classroom, I don't know if I want to get involved with PTO. Katie got to see a lot of kids she already knew, so I think that eased her nerves a little.
Katie sitting at her spot - right by the books

Looking through Mrs. M's books

In Mrs. M's class, she really opened up. After I introduced her to Mrs. M, we walked around the room and tried to get familiar with everything. It wasn't long before Mrs. M asked all the children to join her on the rug for storytime. She began asking questions and I could hear Katie's voice. I think she answered every question Mrs. M had asked. I saw her throw that hand up everytime. I heard her answer one of Mrs. M's questions. The question was "what is Mrs. M's favorite color?" I heard Katie say, "Red" and she added, "I like red too, but my brother doesn't like red. I'm sitting on a red square." She answered other questions, but I can't remember them. I couldn't help but chuckle in the back of the room. I got to thinking to myself, "yep, that's my girl." After the storytime, I introduced her to a couple of other girls that will be sitting in her square. All Katie wanted to do was look at all of Mrs. M's books. She's such a bookworm. Of course, she begged to go out and play on the playground. She wasn't happy with me or dad because we told her it was too hot.
Mrs. M tells a story

Part of outside playground

As we were leaving the school, Katie declared it her day. HAHA! So, we all went to "Sweet Peppers" restaurant to eat supper and then we went to Target. I kind of liked the Target idea because I had some shirt that I bought Katie that were too small. They were a size 6/6x, but I had to get her 7/8. I couldn't hardly believe it. Plus, I grabbed me a couple crop workout pants for the gym. She was so wound up when got back home that she didn't stay in bed until well after 10:00.


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Allison said...

Our open house is tonight. There are 16 in Anya's class, 8 boys and 8 girls exactly! I hope she'll be equally excited as Katie was! Hard to believe they are starting school!
We have the same situation with PE at Anya's school, but the PE coach said she could wear a dress but with shorts underneath! Thanks for the prayers for Anya, she's doing great, but it was scary for her Mommy, especially when they said they were putting a tube in her throat, but she did great!