Friday, November 16, 2007

Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Day Part 1 of 3

Remember in the day, when you were little and during the holidays, We couldn't wait for 7:00 o'clock to come around after Supper. I would get all my chores done just so I could watch all the Thanksgiving Day specials on all 3 network channels. One of my favorites were the Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Day Special that would show every year. Now in order for our children to be exposed to the same Holiday Specials that we once watched in the day, we have to purchase them on DVD. It's amazing! Out of all 150+ channels on either Cable or Satellite television, your considered lucky to find the old specials on TV.

Please remember Liz's two children in your prayers. I think today is the second day Maddie has been sick and Sandy just sent me a message saying Jake is sick as well. I hate that they got sick so close to the Thanksgiving Holiday. I know they will appreciate you lifting them up in prayer, in hopes their children will get well soon. Thanks!

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