Monday, November 12, 2007

Potty Training Update

Happy Veterans Day!

I would like to personally thank all the military for ensuring mine and my family's freedom. You know, you really don't know what our military go through on a daily basis with training and frontline combat. In fear of possibly not seeing their family again. The places, people and things they have seen just so I can sleep peacefully at night. It makes you stop and think. Thank You again.

Well, I don't know if the cloth training pants are very successful at this point. I washed up Katie's training panties and made a very big deal about it to her. She didn't seem too thrilled to wear them, but I put them on her anyway. I continued to ask her, while she had them on, if she had to go potty. She refused to go potty. Oh well, I thought she'll want to go potty as soon as she pee-pees or pooh-poohs in her panties. Sure enough, we were talking and all of the sudden she stopped, looked at me with these big eyes and announced she poopied in her panties. Thinking she just pee-peed, I rushed her to the potty and making it a big deal because she told me. Little did I know, I was in for a surprise. I took off her panties, ready to put them in the dirty clothes hamper. Oops! She did poopy. Poopy was every where! Yuck! What am I to do now? I carefully laid the loaded panties in the floor by the toilet. Of course, leaving evidence on her legs, feet and potty. Ugh!!!! The whole time I was thinking of a plan, Katie wanted me aware there was poopy on her, in her panties and the potty. She even added how yucky the whole experience was for her, "ooh, yucky Mommy!" I grabbed a wash cloth and began washing her down. When I was finished with her, I carefully picked up the loaded panties and flop some of the poopy fell out onto the floor. Uh!!! What's going on? Then I remembered how much I hate yucky messes. Katie let me know right then that the poop was on the floor and then she said that she wanted to help me. "Mommy, I help you" she said. "No!" I tried my level best to keep her from helping me without discouraging her because she has really gotten into the "help Mommy" stage in her little life. It took me close to 30 minutes, but I got everything cleaned up and sanitized. Can you believe I dared putting another pair of panties on her? Yes, I thought I needed to continue as least the rest of the day or until I run out of the panties. The second time it took a little while longer before she messed them up. She wanted to help me wash dishes, so I put her step stool by the sink and we washed dishes. When we finished, I helped her down the stool and she slipped on some water. At first, I thought it was water from the sink. Nope, she pee-peed all over herself and wasn't even aware of it because she didn't say a word about it. Here we go again! As soon as she realized that she peed in her panties, she couldn't get them off fast enough. She had striped those boogers off before I grabbed a towel to sop up the pee on the floor. Then, she couldn't understand why I was washing the Kitchen floor. I normally wash floors while she's taking a nap. Well, not this time! I had the hardest time keeping her off the floor. Sure enough, she slipped and fell on the the wet floor. She didn't cry, but she was shocked. She just has to learn on her own.

Mom visited us this afternoon, while Dad went fishing. After dropping him off, she had a few errands to run and spent the rest of her day with Katie and myself, until Dad was ready to be picked up. We had such a nice visit, laughing and catching up with the latest news. When I spoke to Dad, he caught 7 fish and according to him, enough for Supper tonight. I asked him if he was going to clean and fry up the bad boys. He laughed and assured me, he would do all the work.

I tried calling for an appointment with Portrait Innovations. Doug, Katie and myself are planning to have our first family portrait made for the Holidays. I hope we'll be able get a date set after Thanksgiving. I didn't realize that they are closed on Mondays. Darn it! I'll make an effort to make the appointment tomorrow. Laura forwarded me a cute picture as an idea for our pictures. It was a close up of a little girl in her Christmas dress, holding a snow globe close to her face with a black background. It was really cute. Personally, I don't think Katie would cooperate too much, holding a snow globe close to her face and smile for the pictures. Sorry, but I don't see it!

Tomorrow, we are going to have a big day. Shoo! Besides having to do the bank books, I have to take Katie to her doctor's office for her flu vaccination. They are out of the shot version, but they offer the mist. I don't know how Katie is going to react with the mist, but shoot it will be a lot better than the shot. I asked the nurse if they think it will be as successful as the shot. She said it will be better because the mist affects will last 6 months longer than the shot. Wow! I'm impressed. Next Sunday is our Thanksgiving Dinner at church, so I need to stop by there and pick up a few tickets. Millard, Peggy, Dad and Mom have decided to join us for the dinner. We need to pick up a few groceries before heading home. Of course, this all depends on how Katie feels and how my patience will hold out. Plus, I can't forget to call Portrait Innovations again and get an appointment for our pictures.

Has Thanksgiving snuck up on you as much as it has for me? It seems like Halloween was just the other day. I know Christmas is just around the corner and I am so not ready for it. I have a few names scratched off my list as being finished, but I still have several more to knock off. I have to make time to finish my shopping. I was so relieved this evening because Doug finally gave me some good ideas for him. You have to understand, he never does this. In fact, he is so bad about just buying what ever he wants when ever he wants it. He doesn't stop to think, I may want to get him something for specific Holidays or Birthdays. Christmas shopping is so much easier on someone, if they had a few good ideas to go with. I would be happy if I could get my storage building and our front room blinds are broke, so we need some blinds. It's always something!

When Doug got home tonight, he announced that it's time we put Dexter down. I've been telling Doug, Dexter's sick and needed to be laid down before he gets worse. My word, the poor dog will be 12 1/2 years old in less than a month. He isn't eating like he should, resulting in severe weight loss. We don't know what happened, but tonight his eye is blooding. Doug said it may have been caused by a dog fight, but I didn't see any real evidence to support it. His right eye is all dark red and there is dried blood along the bridge of his nose and down his cheek. I've also been telling Doug, he is loosing excessive amounts of hair on his hind quarters. He is in over all bad health and needs to be put to sleep.

We've enjoyed the nice weather with the temperature in the lower 70s, but we still haven't received any rain. According to the forecast, we are to expect another cool front coming in by Wednesday with a few showers. It would be nice if we could just get a nice shower every day for the next several days.

A dear sweet friend, June, of my parents and family is in need of our prayers. June and her husband, Ralph, have been close friends of my parents for many years. I've pretty much considered them my aunt and uncle. Anyway, June was diagnosed with Fiber Myallga (?) several years ago and have really been imprisoned her for all this time. Both of her kidneys are shutting down a little at a time. She said, she is currently in Phase 3 (Phase 4 being at kidney failure stage). Her doctors and she are expecting to be in Phase 4 very soon; therefore, being put on dialysis. June takes lots of medicine including blood thinners for her disease. Mom doesn't know if the kidney failure was a result to taking so much medication.

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