Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rain, Rain, Rain

Okay, so what if the rain spoiled our plans to set the Christmas decorations outside, we caught up on our naps and football. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the well needed rain and don't wish for it to stop. We have a whole month to get our yard decorations out, so I'm not too worried. If next week's nice, maybe we'll be able to set everything out at that time.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow, picture day. I've got every one's outfits set out, which includes socks & shoes. I about freaked out when Doug told me, he didn't own a pair of black dress pants. WHAT? We have to have black dress pants because I'm wearing black dress pants. I just knew he owned a pair at one time. What's happened to them? He tells me that he's lost the button on the only pair of black pants he owns & doesn't have another button to replace. A missing button is fixable, but not owning a pair isn't fixable. After spending a few minutes convincing Doug that it's important to help me find a button that will work with his pants, he found a spare sown inside of them. Shoo! Alright, we're back in business. While sewing a button on his pants, I announced to him that I have to take him clothes shopping. Because his taste in clothes is so different from mine, I refuse to just go ahead and buy him clothes. Laura, we've packed up the Cinderella Christmas Snow Globe. We'll see if Katie will cooperate with the picture. I've been bribing her all night because she wants to see Tinkerbell, Belle & Cinderella. I told her if she is good tomorrow and smile real big for the camera, we'll go to the Disney Store & see all the princesses and Tinkerbell.

Speaking of Tinkerbell, did ya'll know the new "Fairies" movie will be coming out Fall 2008. I'm sure we'll have to take Katie because she is on fire for the fairies. She is all the time requesting to see Tinkerbell on the computer. On Disney's website you can see several different trailer scenes from the new "Fairies" movie. She'll laugh and laugh and want to see them again and again. She likes the "Bee Movie" commercials on TV as well . Doug has told her, he would take her to the movies to see it. I heard an older man, at my hair appointment, yesterday telling how he took his grandchildren and what a good movie it turned out to be. Doug needs to take her when he possibly can.

We had the opportunity to rent two good movies: "We Are Marshall" starring Matthew McConaughey and "License To Wed" starring Robin Williams and Mandy Moore. "We Are Marshall" is a true story showing how a college football team is rebuilt physically, emotionally and spiritually after experiencing a shocking blow when their entire football team, including staff, boosters, and others, die in a fatal plane crash. This story is so touching and inspirational that it will keep you glued to the TV to see how it all turned out. I cried almost through the whole movie and I saw Doug tear up a few times. "License To Wed" is so funny and not all that vulgar with Robin Williams in it. The experiences Rev. Frank (Williams) puts this poor couple through just to get married and they had to pass the course in order for him to marry them. I'm glad Doug and I didn't have to go through what they went through when we got married. I'm talking about brutal! We laughed and laughed through the movie. If you haven't seen these movies, I highly recommend them both.

How about the Tide yesterday at the Iron Bowl? I have to say, they did a lot better than what I expected to see. Yeah, we've got the same problems that we've had all year, but I'm hoping for these bugs (Wilson & Offensive Team) to be tweaked by next year. Auburn's win against Bama makes the sixth consecutive win. Let's hope there won't be a seventh next year! ROLL TIDE!

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