Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent our Thanksgiving day with both of our families. To start off the morning, Doug found Katie sleeping out in the hallway. All I remember, when the storm came through it woke me up and I heard Katie cry out once. She didn't cry anymore, so I didn't go check on her. I don't know if she was sleep walking or why she ended up in the hallway. She wanted to wear a dress, so I let her wear one of her favorite outfits. It's like a dress, but it comes with leggings. She doesn't like stockings, but she'll wear the leggings. Go figure! We got to watch a little of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and so far Katie loves it. I knew we wouldn't be able to watch all of it, so I TiVoed the parade for us to watch later. We stopped by Pat & June's for lunch and later went to Millard & Peggy's for supper. This morning, I feel like the turkey . . . STUFFED! Natalie brought her pictures of the moose, she shot the other day and my goodness what a monster. She said she was having a hard time holding up the deer's head, just to take pictures. I made a picture of her picture. If it turns out decent, I'll post it as soon as I can. She was still smiling so big, which I don't blame her because it's something to talk about for ages. I got to meet Whitney's new boyfriend, Zane. As soon as he walked in the doorway, he looked real familiar. It ends up that we go to church with him and his parents. On top of that Doug and I know his aunt and uncle, so I know he comes from a good family. I didn't get to talk to them much with the crowd of people around them and plus I had to make sure Katie was under some control. The time I did get to talk to him, he seemed very nice and polite. Whitney, I have to say you snagged yourself a cute fish. My gosh, his eyes are beautiful & that curly hair. Mmmm . . . you go girl! It was so windy and cold, which is fine with me. I think the temperature stayed around 45-50 degrees. I love this kind of weather. It puts me right into the Christmas mood.

Yesterday, Doug talked about doing a little shopping on Black Friday. Okay, I thought, I guess Katie and I will go with him. I wanted to get Katie a Mermaid nightgown for Christmas. Yes, there's a story there. Doug changed my mind last night as we were driving back home at close to 10:00. He was saying that we wouldn't want to get Katie out of bed around 4:00 in the morning. Instead, we could sleep in while he snuck out of the house, got a couple items and get back home in time to get Christmas out. Well, Doug didn't leave at 4:00, but around 6:00. He later called me and he was headed to the Disney Store. Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe, he dared going there today. He just called again, he got Katie the Mermaid nightgown & he was wondering if we wanted to get some PJs for $8 each in a 3T. He said he was waiting in line outside of the store. I still can't believe he is doing it. What Daddys will do for their little girls?!? Katie is a very lucky little princess to have a Daddy like Doug.

Katie has never really told me what she would like to have for Christmas. Everytime I asked her what Santa Claus was going to give her for Christmas, she would respond with "toys." If you asked her what kind of toys, she would say: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Witch, Lion, etc. All of these characters are off the movie "The Wizard of Oz." Well the other night, while I'm giving Katie her tubby, we were talking about Christmas. Out of the blue, she told me that she wanted a dress. I asked her what kind of dress? She responded, "I wanna Ermaid (Mermaid) dress." I reminded her that she didn't have a Mermaid dress. I added that she needed to tell Santa Claus and maybe he'll give her a Mermaid dress for Christmas. "Okay," she said smiling. After I finished drying her hair, she ran out of the bathroom saying "come on Mommy." I asked her where she was going? She said, "I go tell Santa Claus, I wanna Ermaid dress." She was so disappointed that we couldn't see Santa right then. I explained that it was dark and we would talk to Santa the next time we saw him. Since this is the only thing Katie has requested for Christmas, Doug and I are making sure she gets a Mermaid dress. Believe it or not, there are not that many Mermaid dresses on the market. Thankfully, Katie considers a nightgown a dress. Shoo! I found where someone makes and sells custom Mermaid pillowcase outfits off of eBay. I told Doug, if we can't get the nightgown then we might have to order a pillowcase outfit for her. While we were at both families for Thanksgiving, I tried to get her to tell the others about the dress. I had to remind her both times and her eyes would light up and say "oh, yeah." Then, she would tell them about the dress.

Today, we are planning to eat light and put up Christmas. I told Doug, if he could just help me get the boxes out of the attic and from underneath the house, I could do a little bit of decorating every day this next week. I'm having a terrible time getting the gifts for WY ready to ship. Sorry guys! Hopefully, I'll get it together. I either don't have the right size boxes or I ran out of wrapping paper. Ugh! I'll get it to ya'll. I think Millard is suppose to come over tomorrow and help Doug with some wiring. The phone jack behind the TV is dead and we need to get a new one installed. I think Doug wanted to mulch some leaves. Wow the leaves! After the storm went through here yesterday, the leaves have really carpeted the ground. If the leaves weren't so wet, I'd let Katie play in them for a little while.

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