Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Liz & Nolan's Family Christmas Portraits 2007

I had to delete the other blog with Liz's photos because somehow music got attached to the slide. We don't want Jordan Sparks singing over our Christmas music. I guess it's a good thing I deleted it because Liz sent me some new pictures. Liz, I have to say these pictures look a lot better than the ones I saw the other day. What happened? Did you give Sears a piece of your mind?


The Thorsrud Family said...

yup...sure did. I couldnt pay for something I could have done myself so I had them retake the kids' pictures, otherwise if they still didnt turn out good I was going to get a refund. The manager redid them for me and did a lot better with Maddie...look a SMILE!!!! :0) Jake is always a lil flirt so he was easy. Hey, how did you get that on your page? I have a myspace and I cant figure it out.....

Veronique said...

Dear Liz,

What a great surprise to have found you on the you email address on Hotmail do not work anymore, all my messages came back as not delivered.
I was searching for your address, news, phone...on the Internet and ended up on your aunt's blog!
Also I have heard about Jacob as it was released on the Jackson Hole Star Tribune! I want to congratulate you and Nolan, you have such wonderful kids!
I hope and I can see you are all doing fine!
Say hi and big kisses to everybody! If you want you can write on
I also hear about your granma and willl think about her and I do hope she will get fine.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Love always,